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DCL 2018: Pre-Quarters -Glads Vs Legends – A brief Match Report by Sathya Velayutham

DCL 2018: Pre-Quarters -Glads Vs Legends – A brief Match Report by Sathya Velayutham

Glads Won the Toss and Elected to Bowl
Legends: 86/9 in 25 overs
Glads: 87/2 in 14.2 overs
Result: Glads Won by 8 Wickets
MOM: Anoop
As Glads Played Legends in Game 12(I did not write report) .it was almost similar game Run wise. Glads Entering Pre-quarters (Knock Out Rounds) and Arjun, Sudhir, Udit, Ronak, Jeet not available for the game it pushed us in tight spot and we tried to put the best possible team to win the Round. Each and Every one gave their best and Won the game as Team.

We started Bowling with Sriram and Adi Very First Ball Sriram Striked with LBW. Satish and Goutham tried to build Partnership but Satish Gave his wicket to Adi in 7th over and Abi played well and got the score to 40/2 in 13 overs, Legends were looking strong with wickets in hand . Glads got Sriram into bowl ,Sriram got Goutham clean bowled in 14th over and From there Legends were losing wickets in regular interval .Muned made an awesome Runout(Abi) standing in covers. just took ball turned 360 degree and hit the runners wicket. Kishan took a great catch in Anoop ball ,It’s an Inside edge and dropping down towards his left hand only a regular keeper can take those catches.Adi took a Caught and bowled wicket. Syed made a great Direct hit Runout of an Over throw Run From Square Leg. Glads have showed great fielding Effort to restrict Legends to 86/9 in 25 overs.

Bowling Stats:
Sriram 5-0-13-2
Adi 5-0-17-3
Anoop 5-0-11-2
Muned 5-0-16-0
Syed 3-0-19-0
Sathya 2-0-10-0

We Started with Anoop and Adi, Adi Got out in 4.3 overs when the score is 17. From there it was all Anoop and Vaibhav made sure Glds winning comfortably. As Anoop second top run scorer in Mich-CA(First is Arjun(AAA) will see him in Action Soon) he continued his form Scoring 42(48) ball Not out .When Anoop Playing Offside Behind Fence Vaibhav was playing Leg side Behind Boundary with 2 six and 3 four he scored 31(24) balls. Tayef finished in Style with single and Glads won in 14.2 overs.

Legends: (by Viju)
Satish Bellamakonda and the Legends team for being in my opinion the best loved team in DCL as they play fair and always negotiate in good faith. I have the highest respect for what Satish has done with the Legends team and for his fantastic set of players he has assembled…… they are all fabulous and fantastic sports and I sure did not want to play them as they are an asset to DCL and we would have wanted them to still be a part of the Playoffs but despite things not going their way yesterday, I am very sure in the coming years they will make all DCL proud by the way they conduct themselves and by their fabulous play on the field. We wish them a happy off season.

Alishan from FHCC and Sunil from Blues for exceptional top notch umpiring in the PQF of the 2018 DCL Playoffs. They got every decision spot on and conducted the game very professionally and set the standard as far as we are concerned regarding what Playoff umpiring should look like. We would like to thank both FHCC and Blues for making both Alishan and Sunil available for the game. We wish the same high quality umpiring was available to all teams all through the Playoffs because much heartburn can be avoided when the umpiring is top notch and unbiased.
GO GLADS….!!!!!!!!!!!
The Glads-Legends Scorecard is as posted below

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