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Glads Vs TCA Knights – A brief Match Report by Sathya Velayutham

DCL 2018: Glads Vs MI Rangers – A brief Match Report by Sathya Velayutham

TCA Knights Won the Toss and Elected to bat
TCA Knights: 67/109 in 21.2 overs
Glads: 72/4 in 10.4 overs
Result: Glads won by 6 Wickets
MOM: Hardeep Singh
Glads Requested umpires to be on time for Toss as some of the Glads players have to leave early, Both umpires were on ground but Glads did not have 7 Players by 8:45 .So as per the rule TCA knights took the advantage and won the toss and elected to bat.

We started bowling with Adithya and Anoop and got the break thru in second over by Adi. Very next over Anoop got a bowled. There was a little bit partnership from 4th over to 8th over but did not last long Tayef took a catch in Sudhir’s Over. By break Anoop completed his awesome spell with 3 wickets for 11 runs. TCA Knights were 32/5 in 12 overs. There were small partnerships after break but did not score much. Praneesh and Ajay Stayed for a while for 6th wicket but Tayef took Praneesh by a clean bowled when TCA Knights were 66 , In that over Tayef took two wickets and from there TCA Knights were all out for 67 in 21.2 overs and Ajay stayed not out at one end.
Bowling Stats:
Adithya 4-1-12-1
Anoop 5-0-11-3
Vaibhav 3-1-20-0
Tayef 3-1-8-2
Sudhir 3.2-7-3
Sathya 3-0-9-1

It was a one man show Hardeep singh he was well assisted by Adi, Anoop, Tayef, Sudhir and Hari. But Hardeep stole the show with 5 sixes which were out of park. He scored 45/29 balls with 1 four and 5 sixes. Anoop Played a great innings for 12/17 balls, He was rotating well and hitting 2’s to the vacant spots in the field. Glads win the game by 6 wickets 72/4 in 10.4 overs.

TCA Knights:
TCA Knights Played fair, even one of the umpire decision was reversed by the captain Ajay Reddy. All the best for their rest of the season.

Shahbaz from Canton 11ers and Zaki Maalik from FHCC did a fabulous job and fair Umpiring throughout the game. Their decisions were great. Both the umpires arrived at ground by 8:30. All the best for both the teams.

GO GLADS….!!!!!!!!!!!
The Glads-TCA Knights Scorecard is as posted below

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  1. August 12, 2018
    Eagerly looking forward to Glads Vs Thunders Game Report, Glads had full control throughout this match, Steeled the Thunder out of Indus down under and stopped their undefeated run this season. Reply

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