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EP Poll Week 15 (Sept 11, 2015)

Welcome to Week 15 of the 2015 EP Poll. For quite a few team Playoffs start this weekend as every game starting this upcoming weekend is going to be do or die i.e. win or go home kind of games. Many teams are also employing several think tanks within their team and consulting bright minds outside their team to get minor edges for the upcoming games. While the best thing that can happen for the League would be all teams in contention agreeing to simply play their best on the field and leave it all on the ground yet snippets of various discussions that have been conveyed to me indicate that every team wants their opponents to play fair and square while they themselves are ready to employ Machiavellian tactics. Apparently what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. So we have a vicious cycle where teams discuss in private multiple options and standby modes but honestly what simply needs to happen is all the teams in contention should call a small conference call and have some in the committee mediate and all agree to play in good faith. If a team has concerns about umpiring then by all means every attempt should be made to accommodate and make sure the concern is addressed so that at the end of the day everyone has confidence that it is great play that decided the game and not some behind the back tactics. It is obvious that some teams like Dynamites and Blazers need a win to stay alive while there are other teams who are in the Playoffs but will be trying to win to secure better playoff spots but this so called better playoff spot can be fools gold like the guy engaged to be married who thinks that a credit card stolen is the worst thing that could happen …. Wait till he gets married and then he will realize the hard way that a spendthrift wifey can run circles and poke holes in your finances that the thief could not have in a zillion years 🙂 I think just making the playoff is good enough and that means your team is one heck of a team …. eventually only one team will be happy so why not just enjoy the ride as long as it lasts … If you win it all then live it up as it is a dream come true else take the positives and be satisfied that you made it through to the next round after a grueling regular season!!!
Viju Zachariah






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GLADIATORS 1 1 0 100.00 5 Glads will end the season at A1 or A2. For the upcoming game against FHCC, thanks to Michca F40 Finals some of their critical players will be missing but that has not stopped them from beating with absolute impunity the likes of Falcons and Indus. Glads team is composed of a bunch of Gangsters, when one Gangster goes out of action another takes his place and tries to prove that they are the biggest, baddest and meanest of them all. Maulik Patel’s favorite movie is Goodfellas and against FHCC he will try his best to live up to his reputation of "The Beast" as he bellows the following modified dialog "Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be a DCL Gangster. To me that was better than being President of the United States. To be a DCL gangster was to make the entire DCL world dance at my beck and command!!!"
TCA-Stallions 2 3 1 38.46   What a meteoric climb!!! From #32 Pre-Season to #2 in the DCL Rankings!!! Only the Glads Gang of Gangsters stopped them from a #1 ranking!!! A Knocker wipe-out like last week (with no bonus) would secure them a #2 ranking and can get them into the opposite pool from the only team in DCL that has their number but my gut says that wishful thinking has as much chances of materializing as much as a kid hoping for a the Sun to rise in the west!!! Not happening and A3 is sealed in blood for them!!! If FHCC can sink Glads then they would love the A3 spot then they will be cheering for Knockers!!! Jawad, Shan, Shetty, Sundar, Karthik ,,, the list goes on but good solid team that has the confidence they can take out anyone not named Glads and destroy them in no time. Reaching the Novi Cup Finals should tell you that you do not want a piece of them.
KNOCKERS 3 2 -1 33.33   Knockers played Deepak and Bangera against an experienced Falcons unit and the Falcons milked them for that blunder. If I were making the call then Deepak would have been rested and only Bangera would have been allowed to play as that would have allowed the Knockers not to be at the mercy of the toss and having 10 dedicated players cover a big field after Bangera left would have got the job done. Falcons won the toss and rightly put the Knockers into bat and with Deepak and Bangera having to leave soon after the Knocker batting, the Knockers conceded the entire advantage and gift wrapped a win to the Falcons. If only Sanoj had paid attention to the movie Forest Gump more then he would have realized that " Winning a toss is like a box of chocolates, you never know if you will win or lose the toss and if you lose, you never know what the Opposition Skipper will have you do!!!" Alas when the modified version of that line appeared in the movie, my buddy Sanoj was fast asleep dreaming of Knockers lifting the DCL Title 🙂 which caused him to goof up the team selection decision and the next thing you Falcons were milking Jersey cows all around Novi Park in every gap and corner where a Knocker was not to be found!!!
RAPTORS 4 5 1 22.73   Raptors waited two days to enter their scorecard. Little do the Raptors know that numerous teams watch all the major teams with hawk eyes. Raptors had Raj Agnad as playing the game alas Raj did not bowl or bat and the Raptors even fielded with 10 and then 9 players. It was like Arjun Ajbani played for Glads but did not bat or bowl and everyone starts wondering – Holy Molly!!! I wonder why??? Even before I realized what was happening, emails and calls came to the media stating that something was fishy. Then a public comment appeared on the Glads site highlighting this issue and then came a high ranking request requesting the posted comment posted on the Glads site be redacted. Well public information as showed on the DCL site states that Raj Agnad was part of the Playing 11 and two days later was redacted from the playing 11 as shown on the DCL scorecard and replaced with Mr. NoName 🙂 So what happened here …beats me and I guess those interested and could potentially play Raptors should follow closely … One can be sure that Falcons, Avengers, FCC all are closely watching this magical Mr. Noname with great interest.
INDUS 5 4 -1 15.15   Skipper Sandeep wanted to bat and Glads wanted Indus to bat first so were happy to oblige and gave Indus the toss and Sandeep was happy to elect to bat and then he went to his dugout and his mates felt …. Man if Glads want us to bat something must be up so let us change our decision and let us bowl …. Well a decision made is a decision made ….. Well we redid the toss and Glads won the toss and put Indus into bat and then the match that Azeem was waiting for all season to see how his team measured up against the Champs happened and Azeem soon found out that only he showed up to play as the rest of the gang disappeared ….. One look at the scorecard tells the whole story …. Indus was never in the game as Glads had answers for every question and a good gameplan that worked flawlessly ….  Indus locked into the A4 spot and that is a very sweet spot to be in and a SF spot from the A4 spot holds much promise so in many way that was a good game to lose in the big scheme of things …. but they will need Manoj Singh to perform and carry them on his back else it will be Hastla Vista baby for Indus
AE11ers 6 9 3 13.51   Parag has 27 wickets in 9 games and if he had played all 12 games then he could have possibly walked away with the Best Bowler award. AE11ers playing without their full unit dominated the Hurricanes with the bat first and then dazzled them the ball to make sure that the coveted B1 spot is theirs for the taking if the Raptors take one wrong step. Avinash after losing roughly 50 pounds is batting brilliantly while Prabhu is dazzling on all fronts and now if Santosh continues to play all playoff games then this is a tough out for any team.
DARKHORSES 7 8 1 12.82   Idle last week but their Umpires like Raghu did a great job. They have 4 batsmen who hold impressive double digit averages and a fifth batsman who is fractions away from a Double digit average and Raghu and Mahesh have been taking wickets like plucking leaves from a try. They will be a handful for any team.
BRIDGES 8 11 3 12.50   They left nothing to chance and even brought Kanwar for their game against Pokiris. Bridges unit that played Pokiris looked absolutely bombastic that can make any team look bad. They will make an all out bid for A3 and I see nothing stopping them least of all the Hurricanes. This unit has peaked at the right time, some of their critical players like Aditya and Udit are high on confidence after a good Novi Cup followed by a great outing against Pokiris. The only people who can muck this all up is Bridges themselves as all the critical pieces are in tact and if they can not mess the chemistry up then sky is the limit. If they get the B3 spot then I see the DCL Red Sea parting if they keep the Pokiris Game form in tact….. but if Raptors lose intentionally to Warriors then B3 spot is bye bye
WARRIORS 9 7 -2 11.63   Idle last week but their Umpires like Avinash did a great job. Jasneet has done a fabulous job so far and will have to do even better if his Warrirors are to get the better of the Raptors. Jasneet and Rai Saab will have to hope that Star Wars Version 5.0 in DCL will see the words "May the Force be with you!!!" being enacted in full force @ DSP-1. I don’t know if the force will be with the Warriors but if the Warriors have any hopes to upset the higher ranked Raptors then the trio of Selvaraj, Monga and Pujari will have to play key roles to become the FORCE that will terminate the Raptors!!!
POKIRIS 10 6 -4 11.36   It has been a miserable two weeks for the Pokiris players. First the Pokiris dominated Terminator team failed to terminate TCA in the Novi Cup and they followed that up by getting terminated by Bridges a week later. In fairness, Pokiris missed the services of their Big Two while Bridges loaded up and even brought in a un-qualifiable Kanwar for the game. Game timing of 10 AM start time did not help Pokiris one whit and Bridges made sure that Pokiris ended like roadkill on I75!!!
BROWNSTOWN 11 13 2 9.43   Idle last week but they get to watch and wait and they cannot control where they end up. They are happy to make the Playoff in the most competitive DCL Season ever. While fabled teams like GLCC fell by the wayside, they kept their playoff streak alive. They might be old but the guys can play and they know how to plot and plan and know which games they have to win at all costs and which games to concede and not waste energy on. Come playoff that combination of bravado, skill and mental acumen will make them a tough out.
AVENGERS 12 12 0 8.77   If Keyur is in the same form as he was against Miles then Avengers can take on anyone. Keyur was the man on fire as every Miles player was greeted with the following modified words from the movie Man on Fire "Method of dismissal is between them and the Umpire. It’s my job to arrange the conditions for the dismissal and their job to walk back to the dressing room disgusted!!!" Meanwhile I saw Avengers Skipper has posted in the comments somewhere on the Glads site that his team will come ready to play yada, yada, yada. When did I ever say that his team will not come ready to play … All I stated was Avengers when it is all said and done will prefer the A8 spot to the A5 spot and I see Avenegers losing this game to FCC ….. I still stand behind that statement as Avengers have big goals in mind like a SF berth for the bare minimum … Some Falcons Fan got mad at me for stating the obvious … Like I care!!! Let us wait and see if I was right or the public statement from the Avengers Skipper holds true – At least I had the guts to state openly what I think will happen and not hide behind fake names and fake accounts and throw stones or make baseless insinuations!!!
ARSENAL 13 10 -3 7.35   At one stage Arsenal I told was 71/1 in 19 odd Overs and the next thing you know Arsenal was almost bundled out. That has to be disconcerting but what is probably more discomfiting is the fact that they could not defend a huge total of 97 and to make matters worse, Strikers decimated the Arsenal attack and made 97 look like child’s play as Strikers scored 100 in just 20 Overs. When I first saw the score, I had to look again to see if this was true or if I had missed the memo about April 1 being restaged on Gameday!!! They should beat RC with ease as even Majid believes RC will win as per Majid’s own prediction.
FCC 14 15 1 7.04   Idle last week and they have the Playoffs in their control. Win and they are in – It is that simple!!! FCC has long dreamed of playing on the grand stage and here is their best chance yet. Hopefully the Umpires will be top notch for all critical games and teams sending Umpires will do their due diligence and send their best Umpires to the critical games even if it means extra driving time for the Umpire – Bare minimum which is expected from an Umpiring team. I firmly believe FCC will win and Vamsi, Ranga, Pana, Kamal and Company will do everything in their power to pull out a win.
FALCONS 15 18 3 6.67   I don’t see Falcons making it as they need too many permutations to work in their favor. The moment I state what I believe some narrow minded Falcons fans thinks I am rooting against them or am suggesting a way to push the Falcons out. Fat chance as Falcons are not playing Glads anytime soon and I care a rats posterior even if they did. At the end of the day, we all know that unless you play well there is no way you lift the Cup. The Playoff Blueprint just states my opinion of what I think happens and all the attention in the column has put immense pressure on all teams to play fair and not engage in intentional wrongdoing by playing for a draw etc.; if the Falcons Fans really look at it impartially, I have done them a favor. Falcons executed brilliantly against Knockers and the Falcons brainteam gets an A+ from me for executing the plan perfectly. They won the toss and put Knockers in to bat and made the Knockers give the Falcons 25 Overs of Power Play and that was the only move that any commonsense Skipper could take. That move alone won them the game. Falcons need to field a team with balance between Guest players and Falcons faithful and take care of Beavers and my gut says Spartans-GLCC will be a tossup. If Spartans lose then Falcons are in. Falcons would be wise not to rely on the FCC-Avengers game as FCC is winning that game as I see it and if I were the Falcons skipper I would have more hope in a GLCC win.
SPARTANS 16 16 0 6.10   It is win or go home time. GLCC will give Spartans a fight and Spartans better hope Varma, Haveri, Virat and company come ready to play else they can start making plans to go ice fishing and discuss big tales of what fabulous individual seasons they had but in the big scheme the individual season only gets you individual awards. Mr. Haveri will need to rise to the occasion if Spartans are to go far and play like the MVP.
BLAZERS 17 17 0 5.81   Equation is simple for Blazers and Blazers skipper tries to win every game so no one needs to look for Machiavellian tactics here …. All Blazers need is they need to bring an outside consultant in to give the boys a pep talk as Imti’s pep talk is not working …. if they play to their talent and potential they should pull this off …
GLCC 18 14 -4 5.43   There is a Skipper change and Jagan is leading GLCC. He says he has a clearcut plan which if executed will see GLCC win. Falcons have already sent feelers to GLCC to somehow win the game. Can GLCC execute the plan? Falcons hope GLCC is better at execution than the bumbling, bungling and blundering Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther!!!
STRIKERS 18 20 2 5.43   What a fantastic win last week. None of the EP Analysts saw it coming and the best thing about the win was there was production all across the board. This is what I expected from the Strikers when the season started alas contrary to my expectation they are producing at the wrong end of the season. Great games from Tushar, Jinx, Kishor and the man of the occasion Parag!!! Did anyone see Kishor’s off drive ….. If you haven’t go and watch it … it is a thing of beauty!!!
LIONS 20 22 2 4.90   I am very impressed with the Lions and what they have done this season. They may not make the playoffs but have my admiration. They started slow off the blocks and looked lost in the concrete jungle of Ferrari’s, Maserati’s and Lamborghini’s … but it was a fantastic and furious finish from them as the season started winding down …. If they don’t make it … they should use this as motivation to come back strong next year.
HURRICANES 21 19 -2 4.72   Ouch!!! They got whacked with a $200 fine for poaching a player!!! Jashu should know better!!! That is a cardinal sin that even if the pope forgives, the DCL Committee will not forgive. Anytime any new player wants to play for you, the Skipper better cross check and double check that the player did not play for another team unbeknownst to him else hell hath no fury like a DCL Committee trying to uphold the League standards!!! They need to beat Bridges but that is about as likely in my eyes as Peyton Manning (note the point I did not say Eli as I believe when the game is on the line Peyton is not even the best QB in his family so Peyton fans can forget about NFL) beating Brady in the Superbowl!!! 
TCA-Beavers 22 21 -1 4.67   Beavers Ajay Reddy had a fantabulous game last week. He was there in every statistical category and took his team to victory single handedly. Every Tom, Dick, Harry, EP Analyst and yours truly all give Beavers no chance against Falcons. Ajay has a golden chance to make all these yahoo’s who have written off his team eat crow or Beaver dung!!! Equation is very simple – Win and they are in!!! If Beavers win then in my book Ajay should be given "Manager of the Year" award as he got not one but both TCA teams into the Playoff in the toughest pool ever – the 2015 Pool A lineup!!!
DYNAMITES 23 23 0 4.63   When Jagan announced that Contender’s cup could be conducted if sufficient teams who were certain to miss playoffs expressed an interest, Dynamites were the third team who said they are interested in playing Contender’s cup!!! I saw that and my jaw dropped!!! When quizzed about it Shanmugam’s response was classic – He was just covering all his bases!!! Seriously!!! Vijay reminds me of the man who has his two feet firmly planted on two different boats parked in the marina. The only problem is one boat is going to London and the other boat is going to Melbourne!!! This weekend the boats will leave for their respective destinations and I expect Vijay at the bottom of the Ocean!!! The only response Vijay should have been doing in such circumstances is the Poker strategy of "All IN!!!!" – Playoffs or Nothing should be the motto not some insignificant contenders trophy that has no tangible value in DCL for anyone worth their mettle. You just want to play more cricket – For heaven’s sake arrange a few friendly games or pool a boatload of money and conduct an open tournament with a winner take all format!!! If you win then win the big thing or at least die trying!!! No half measures!!!
FHCC 24 25 1 4.42   They will miss the playoff but Raza had a fabulous season after a slow start. Alishan when he played was good but did not play enough games. I think they can upset a shorthanded Glads team tomorrow as Michca F40 finals will wreck the Glads Skipper’s hopes of fielding some of his choice players but Glads without these choice players are still pretty darn good as Falcons and Indus found out!!!
CRUISERS 25 27 2 3.91   Geeno and my man Jagadish had very good seasons and they had a fantastic draw against GLCC. Fighting hard till then end!!! A spirit I can identify with and appreciate!!!
BLUES 26 24 -2 3.88   Pradep had a good game while all others under-performed. Season is over but the big find this season was Harsha Singam Reddy!!! They had some very close losses and they had some games where their potential was visible to one and all. Srini Khambam did not deliver what I expected for his talent level. I think they should be fine if one or two more pieces can be added and they can draw a favorable pool next year!!!
RC 27 26 -1 3.62   Missing most of their key players RC stunk it up as Lions ate royally at RC’s expense!!! Early indications are RC Player Sahil is gone to TCA for next season. Who knows who else is departing but hopefully Majid bhai can keep the ads in MI India going as Falcons have opened our collective eyes on how to get international players to play. More power to the guys who can get it done for an entire DCL season!!! Meanwhile early indications are Majid will do everything in his power to ensure Arsenal will earn a spot the hard way …. while Mubba I am told has been going door to door in Hamtramick, Majid will scour every nook and corner in Troy for as Majid sees it he loves Mastercard commercials ….. Renting a guest player $100, Entering a team for Novi Cup $225, Entering a team in DCL $800, ruining Mubba’s 2015 DCL Season – Priceless!!!
TITANS 28 28 0 3.57   Idle last week
FCC Twins 29 29 0 3.40   Played for fun against Raptors but after the game more questions arose about the participation of Raptors Raj Agnad than anything else. Sai and Balaji had good games with the bat while Saquib bowled well.
LPCC 29 31 2 3.40   Mahesh Kanyal had a fantastic game with the ball and Rajesh Pothineni had a great game with the bat. LPCC after all the initial turmoil with Eswar which ended in Eswar being sidelined for the entire season did well to win a few games including one that EP Analyst Mayur got right when the other four had LPCC losing. Shree did fine with the resources he had at his disposal.
MILES 31 30 -1 3.38   Miles have some very good pieces but the pieces like Kongra, Sanjay, Tarun, Karthik are all behaving and playing like decorative pieces. In the heat of the battle the decorative pieces does no one any good. Of the teams ranked 25 to 32, I feel Miles have the best talent but Ajay and Ram need to figure out how to get all the pieces playing at the same time, how to get the best out of the pieces and then they will be fine. Good team, good management, good principles, good ethics – No reason why this team does not do well on the field.
ICONS 32 32 0 3.13   They get the Emperor of the Basement award!!! Well when you do not win a single game during the season EOB award is a certainty as all 5 EP Analysts ranked them #32!!! I like their team management as when it comes to making sure Icons fulfill all their league obligations, Icon’s Rohit does a fantastic job. If his mates had done the same on the field then Icons would not get EOB status!!!

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