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Point – Counter Point Week 8 (July 10, 2015)

Point – Counter Point …….. A new idea from the Glads Website Think Tank
Week 7 Debate – Who will win the SGOW between Blazers vs DarkHorses:

Every Week the Point-Counter Point Analysts will be randomly assigned the grandiose, ostentatious and mind-bogging task of debating either the Point or Counter-Point side of the Weekly Debate. The Analysts have no say in deciding which side of the debate they will be assigned and have been only tasked with the sole responsibility of trying their level best to make a viable and legitimate case to convince the reader why they should believe the Point or Counter-Point side of the argument. It could very well happen that the Analyst may even have to argue against his own team and be forced to issue disparaging comments against his own team to try and score a point in the debate.

Please understand that the Analyst may often debate points they may not fully believe but for the sake of making a case they may use all kinds of colorful, flowery and imaginative language to score a point. None of the P/CP Analyst’s see the comments made by the other Analysts as these are sent to me privately and they get to see all the comments only when the article is published on the site. This column is meant for people who can see the fun side of things and are sportive to understand that the columnists do not have anything against anyone rather they are just doing their job which is to make things lively, fun and interesting.

The Glads website was meant to be a fun site as the Glads founders are fun loving guys and in keeping with that motto we often unveil and introduce things that have never been tried before. The EP Poll, Predictions and Fantasy have been wildly successful and I hope this one also hits the bulls-eye and as weeks pass by the P/CP Analysts will become more competitive and raise the bar and set new standards that no one had dreamt before. What differentiates DCL from every other League in America is the fact that the games played on the weekends are just the tip of the iceberg and the real fun starts after that as hype, publicity, fantasy, articles, witty comments etc. take over and keep the reader engrossed till the next weekend games roll around.

I hope no one takes any of the comments mentioned personally as the P/CP Analysts are just doing their job and had no hand in being assigned to argue one side of the debate as that was randomly assigned but if you do then you need to go and get your head examined as you are a sore loser who cannot take things in stride.

For the P/CP Analysts,

Viju Zachariah

Point: DH all the way baby!!!

I know SGOW is picked based on the combined team ranking, but I see couple intriguing matchups that I would prefer to watch ahead of this one… I go by potential than ranking 😉 just my opinion. I will always watch Brazil or Argentina or even France in soccer no matter what their ranking is… love watching Dallas Cowboys where you can expect the unexpected.

Dark Horses… I love horses, esp. the dark ones… so majestic… so enchanting 😉

The Dark Horses had been majestically running through their opponents week after week. Alas, with wins coming in bunches, DH thought they could sleep-walk through the rest of the season… and then they ran into the suddenly resurrected Strikers and got hammered. This should be a good awakening call for them. Hope they learn from this experience and come back strong. It’s a long season and my only fear is that DH might have peaked too early in the season… hope they prove me wrong.

Lead by the gentle giant in Mahesh Mutyala, and ably supported by a powerful hitter in Pankaj and a strong all-round presence in Ronak, I think this team is a couple of players away from being a serious contender.

Blazers, for all the bowling talent they possess, have been up and down this year, and DH coming off of the beat-down…. Should be a pretty even game between two low-key teams

Mayur (LPCC):
None Submitted

Vamsi (FCC):
Dark Horses are going to win this close match.
Find few reasons below to support my case:1. Dark Horses are flying high until last week with 4 successive wins. 2. Their Captain Mahesh is in super form and can win the game single handedly.3. Their bowling is good and has more than 5 bowlers who can finish the job. 4. Dark Horses have good batting unit in the form of Mahesh, Pankaj , Ronak and Subendu. If two of them get going then it will be very tough for Blazers.5. This game will be played in DSP-2 and it is the same ground where Mahesh made more than 50 for Falcons in FCC Michigan Cup. So watch out Blazers.

Dilip (Glads):
None submitted.

Counter-Point: Blazers blaze past DH

Rehan (BT):
If I have the opportunity to be the guest of one of the DCL teams, I will pick Dark Horses without any second thought. They are the most generous hosts, who love to dish wides after wides to their opponents. Their generosity is matchless when it comes to serving wides. They serve wides like a host serve drinks to their guests in the party. And who wouldn’t want to be the guest of such hosts : ))
Dark Horses also love to live up to their name … They had a dream start of the season when they toppled the 2014 runner up Pokiris in the very second game . And to prove that it wasn’t a fluke, they went on to win the next 3 games … Everyone was quick to jump on to Dark Horses band wagon … And just then they reminded everyone that they are called Dark Horses for a reason …. They fell on the knees to struggling Strikers team , that too with a huge 8 wicket loss and that concludes the story of the ‘Dark Horses’.
They are expected to make it to play offs and most likely they will but not without breaking a sweat as they have some tough opponents waiting in line. First come the dangerous Blazers … After losing 2 games in a row, Blazers are like hungry hounds , who have been training hard to attack the running horses on the field of Drake Sports Park on Jul 11
Here is one for a kicker and that would be enough to say who is going to win this match-up:
In last 5 games, the lowest score that DH has bowled a team out for is 66 and that too against LPCC. In every other game, they have conceded more than 73 runs … Comon, this is DCL we are talking about where average play off score if below 70 … What kind of bowling line up is that, which concede 73 or more in every game and still dream of winning against a top notch bowling attack.
Now look at Blazers ( taking the Raptors game out )… They were able to defend a meagre 46 against Strikers … They were very unfortunate to lose to Pokiris as the absence of quality 5th bowler ( Ketan ) cost them the game. With Ketan back in the ranks, that hole will be filled. Expect all the horses trapped in the circle formed by the strong bowling attack of Blazers.

Kishan (Bridges):

Hari (Glads):
Team Blazers:
Blazers will be playing their 5th match of the season and record says 2-2, They lost against Raptors & Pokiris..both the games was lost when they had SGOW. How lucky they got 3rd SGOW games!! I guess SGOW games are putting too much of pressure on Team Blazers!! Oh well this time they are facing Team Dark Horses!!

ON July 4th weekend… I bumped into Imtiaz in Great Lakes Mall:
Hari : Hi Imtiaz..Happy Birthday
Imtiaz: Thank you!!
Hari : Congrats!! Your Team Blazers are again for SGOW next weekend games!
Imtiaz: Oh NO!! Please don’t do it again…whenever we are SGOW..My boys are taking pressure aur hum
log doob rahe hai If so…Write bad about our team so that we don’t have to take pressure on
game day
Hari : I am booking you in advance for Umpiring our Pre-Quarter final match…OK?
Imtiaz: What? Are you saying we will not qualify for playsoff??
Hari : Tu 4 matches mein 4 runs aur tho aur 4.00 economy mein runs diya….Kaisa jayega tera team
playoffs mein?? Jeetna run diya…Uthna run to marna bhi na!!
Agar mera Captain Viju aisa performances detha tho…Usko 2 matches drop kar dethe hum log!!
Imtiaz: Bhai thoda confident down hai
Hari : Tera confident mein latha hu…Thusday ko mein tumare practice mein atha hu…tu merko bowling
kar..mein tho kaise bhi grass mein bhi nahi martha!! Tera confident wapas!!

Out of four games (Team Blazers played) only Vimal & Shibin performed from Blazers and all others are ball watching!! Stars bowlers are going for big runs.
Imtiaz, Sridhar, Gurpeet, Chandan & Ketan have to really step by their plate…otherwise they will be doing lot of catch-up going forward. I am sure they will come strong against Dark Horses!!

Team Dark Horses:
Started these season with bang bang..On their way they also crushed Pokiris but they fumbled against Team Strikers!! As a unit they are playing good allround cricket. I guess they took easy on Team Strikers and changed their batting order which cost the game!! They will not take any chances against Team Blazers.
Pankaj, Mahesh, Subendu, and Ronak are in top form, adding Raghu, Nilesh, Vikram & Arun = Team to BEAT!!
If you ask anyone in DCL…Who is best wicket Keeper??…95% will tell you Kishan (Bridge) is the best.Till last year Kishan was in my book for best wicket Keeper..Last year I removed his name and replaced by Vikram Rayasam, Don’t judge him with his figure..He is lighting fast!! If you say I am wrong… you need to go watch Vikram keeping..that too when he standup to stumps!!

Blazers & Dark Horses are equally matched Team!! On paper Dark Horse looks strong!! My money on Blazers!! Sridhar MOM!!

Viju (Glads):
None submitted as he was out of town and crazy busy!!!

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  1. July 10, 2015
    Kudos to you guys for writing about Blazers every week! 🙂 Even if you ask Imtiaz or me to write this much about our own team we wouldn't! 🙂 Reply
  2. July 10, 2015
    Lol Ketan – stop hogging the SGOW’s and I guess we will stop writing 🙂 …… Lol Hari I did not know about this theory of dropping the skipper himself …. I sure hope Glads have no such designs 🙂 Reply

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