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EP Poll – Week 9 (July 11, 2012)

Welcome to Week 9 of the EP Poll. This week’s host is Mr. Ezhil Vivekanandan. He has been an active member of DCL for several years and even led the Greens Team a few years ago. I really like his writing skills so I recruited him to the Glads Web team. He lived up to my high expectations and justified my decision with the comments section this week. He is co-host of the “Talking Cricket” series. I was just informed that the “Talking Cricket” series performed a coup of sorts with the next guest they have convinced to grace the show. I am looking forward to that interview. It should be interesting…..
If someone has been following the comment section this week the line that seems to have caught people’s imagination seems to be “Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain…..” Keeping that in mind, the Marquee Showcased Game of the Week is OVER. The game lived up to its advanced billing as both GLCC and Glads had their Johnny Mac “You can’t be serious” moments as each time tried to put their stamp of authority on the game. The Game was very sportively played despite being such a high pressure-cooker of a game. For GLCC Krishna Damaraju and Samish were the stars while for Glads the Pink Panther aka Sameer and Praveen were the stars. The last pair of Suchi and Praveen almost won the game for Glads but in the end 1 run proved to be toooooo big a mountain to overcome for a physically exhausted Praveen as that wily old fox Samish induced the error and just like that Glads once again ended on the wrong side of the 1 run debacle that seems to have plagued them against Falcons (2011), DH (2012) and in the latest showcased game. The Glads dearly missed the services of their Superstar Arjun Ajbani (the two untimely run outs of their top order batsmen did not help matters) as the Glads Captain in keeping with the mood of the times was left contemplating the following after the latest 1 run debacle “Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain – Arjun Tum hote to kaisa hota, tum yeh Chakka Marta, tum voh Chauka Marta, GLCC is baat pe Kitna hairaan hote, Tum aisa Khatarnak Ball dalta, Tum hote to aisa hota, tum hote to vaisa hota, Tum hote to GLCC ki Vaissi Ki taissi, Tum hote to Glads Jeet Jata, Tum hote to Panther, Glads Aur Mai Kitna hasta, Tum hote to yeh $75 Ka Kameena Champagne bottle hum kaisa Phod dalta ki log chamak jate ki hum Champagne ko Paani Ki taraf behek dalta (Ab to next time Dom Perignon hi karidna padega). Main aur meri tanhaai aksar yeh baatein karte hain…..:-) For the guys posting the comments – Man lighten up…..Learn to not get so riled up……..We just suffered yet another heartbreak yet we are able to laugh at ourselves…….It is not the end of the world…..Someone had to lose…….Glads are quite upbeat for we know this was a close game and next time the 1 run pendulum can just swing the other way…….but 75 to 85 runs is the key…..Hopefully we can get them next time but Cricket was the winner here as the Game lived up to its advanced billing.
On the neighboring ground the Challengers challenged the Greens all the way. Challengers Himashu Puri is a smart guy – He met me before the game and picked my brain on what the Challengers need to do to pull off the unthinkable. Talk about doing your homework before the game and getting a leg up on the opposition. I was happy to share my thoughts but in the end the Challengers had to execute. Well they almost pulled it off. The Greens are lucky to escape with a win. This performance by the Challengers did not go unnoticed as this week three Analysts including yours truly have jumped on the Challenger bandwagon and are picking the Challengers to beat the Cruisers. I am really excited about this matchup and feel the Challengers can do it. The shot of the day at Novi Power Park came courtesy of the Challengers Thompson Ganduri as he launched one into the orbit that for a moment I thought the ball might go to Mars. Watching that shot was a feast to sore eyes that were hurting from the GLCC relentless onslaught but hey Thompson as I said at the ground – Bat up Sir!!! What a shot!!! The pleasure of witnessing it was mine!!! Now Challengers need to do one thing – Get this beast to go up the batting order. Come on guys reward the guy for he is the real deal……Enjoy Week 9 as the weeks are counting down and in the blink of an eye the Polls will be all over and there will be nothing left to cheer up a dull day at the Office. BTW – What a treat the Great man Roger Federer put on at SW19. It was a great weekend for all sports lovers in DCL especially if your team won and you were a diehard Fed fan like GLCC’s Krishna Beri. He might remember this weekend the rest of his life as will I (I guess in a bitter sweet way 🙂 both literally and figuratively speaking)

For The EP Panel,

Viju Zachariah






Team Name Current Ranking Last Week Ranking Change Total Points (100/Wt Avg of Votes) # of 1st Place votes Comments – Kind Courtesy Ezhil Vivekanandan
GLCC 1 1 0 83.33 4 After all other teams, GLCC is my favorite, not because they are the winningest team in DCL, but because of the bar they often set themselves and surpass it consistently and they are spoilt for talent. Last week they played Glads and as always the game attracted much attention. Agreed, Glads weren’t fully loaded but they are one of the fiercest fighters in the league and the contest lived upto its top billing. After their recent vaccination, GLCC showed no ill effects and won a very closely fought game, winning by the narrowest possible margin. Overall, GLCC looks very well positioned and should be able to play set-pieces game from now on. After a week long break, they take on Brownstown 2.0 and should be a match to watch.
Brownstown 2 3 1 45.45 After losing to Glads, they restored the top bracket balance beating a very good Raptors last weekend. Imran Virk was at his best with the bat and that old fox Mujahid sent down his splinters to win a well deserved game. The game should position them better in the current pecking order and as with every previous season, they should only get better from now on. They take on GLCC in a much awaited contest next up.
Raptors 3 2 -1 25.00 Raptors’ first Pool X game ended in a defeat to Brownstown, but not before they caused a few flutters in the B camp. They shouldn’t be overtly concerned about Vikas’ form and he is bound to click sooner than later. What has impressed me is the way they have handled chases this season. Anand has been a standout performer with the bat, and his efforts last game did help them earn the bonus point although not quite enough to clinch the game. They take on Strikers in an even match up – Ice vs Fire. On form Raptors hold a slight advantage.
Strikers 3 6 3 25.00 1 Had a well deserved bye last week after their slug fest against Warriors. They are possibly the most balanced team in the league and personally I believe they deserve to be rated higher. Perhaps, Parthiv struck a deal with the EP panelists to rate them lower, just to keep the expectation levels manageable :-)….They always played an aggressive brand of cricket and dont allow teams to settle. Where they have problems with has been when their opponents don’t give in and just absorb the pressure and play the waiting game. Next game promises much as they take on a higher ranked Raptors in an even contest. Though, on form they are ranked lower, they do have the momentum on their side.
Gladiators 5 4 -1 21.74 Glads lost the marquee game to GLCC by the closest of margins and sadly didn’t help themselves committing some harakiri with their running. Unfortunately, two close games haven’t gone their way – one against Dark Horses and the other the last week’s game against GLCC and close finishes do tend to take a toll on teams especially when you are on the losing side. But Glads are one of the best in business around and they can take heart from the fact that they lost to a very good team and on a different day, the result could have been different, such was the margin of difference. True to those immortal words of Han Solo, “Never give me the odds….” come playoffs, I would gladly bet on Glads to be on gleeing side.On another note, in the current context, teams will do well to look at this game to show that, intense and close games dont necessarily have to turn ugly as we saw two mature teams battle it out and walked out with respect from the other at the end of the game.
Pokiris 6 4 -2 15.63 Pokiris possibly had their first close game and promptly lost it. They surely must have fancied a chance knocking 7 knockers off for about 45, but defending only 59 they lost in the first half as their batters failed to turn up. Pokiris either won big or lost big in R1 so the upcoming games will surely test their nerve, which they must pass if they are to live up their new billing. However, to say that Pokiris are an improved team, is a bit of an understatement, considering what they have done so far. They are in the top bracket not because of luck, but on the back of some impressive performances. From now on their world is going to be feel a lot different as expectations have drastically changed in the last few weeks. Pokiris, however would desperately like to test their big match temperament as they have tended to be a bit top-heavy and as it happened against Knockers if their top order fails, the bridge suddenly feels to long to pass.
DarkHorses 7 7 0 13.16 Darkhorses got dragged in an unnecessary public spat with their umpire. Without knowing the details, it would be unfair to judge them, as they always played hard and fair. Even if not proven, if Darkhorses’ leadership believes that someone did indulge in a cussing contest, they would do well to rein in on the individual as such things don’t augur well. On the field, they have notched some very impressive victories so far. Aarif and Pankaj have starred with consistent all-round performances. Their bowling generally looks a tad profligate and perhaps the reason why they are not higher than where they are now. They take on Pokiris next in another even matchup.
Megabytes 8 8 0 12.50 It was business as usual as the champions made hay as the sun shined. Gowtham flew in and promptly reaped all available rewards. The game probably finished as it started with a typically clinical bowling performance and then racking the score up in no time. Going into Pool Y with 19 points, the possibility of not making is just a statistical interest as no 8th placed team is going to wipe the deficit playing a total of just 6 games and in all likelihood MB should top Pool Y.
Bridges 9 9 0 11.11 The way teams have finished after R1 is a gentle reminder that barring a few extremes, most teams play on a level playing field. Just one surprise is enough to propel a team to Pool X and one surprise loss is enough consign to pool Y, and Bridges will attest to that. Their first game loss to Knockers has come to haunt them as, the Bridges’ batters turned up game after game notching up huge scores, but must be wondering why they find themselves in the relegation pool. Much like MB, carrying forward as many points, their playoff entry is just a matter of when rather than if.
Knockers 10 11 1 10.42 It will be a bit testing phase for Knockers as they have to turn up game after game and give their best. They may not always find themselves in the winning column, but they are more than capable of notching up a few wins as they did against a good Pokiris outfit last week. 10 of their players have played 6 or more games which means they pretty much played an unchanged lineup throughout which helps them gel better. They play the fiesty Glads next and that game will surely test their resolve.
Warriors 11 10 -1 10.20 Minesh will not be wrong if he thought Warriors peaked a bit too soon. But all is not bad, if they win a few R2 games, it will boost their morale and even if they don’t, much like Darkhorses, will be playing another Pool X team and could avoid another face-off with MB. So far, they have played within their strengths and won just enough games by just enough margins and the nice thing going for them is, even if they lose more than their share of games, no team is going to take them easy. Most people delve on Warriors’ off-field action, that their on field activities almost go unnoticed. They possess a genuine match winner in Hardik who has played all over their batting order and delivered almost everytime.
PTS 12 12 0 8.33 Like fine wine and Brownstown, PTS age very well. It is about this time of the season they normally turn the heat up a notch, they normally practice twice a week and fight hard. They finally brought their A game against Das Masters and that should have provided them the much needed shot in the arm. Dipesh is an eager learner of the game and their team spirit is their biggest strength.
Falcons 13 13 0 7.58 Falcons have had too much of a topsy-turvy ride this season. For them the trouble has been consistency rather than results. Some of the problem has been due to a slightly off-color Sreekanth this season, purely by his own standards. Falcons really need him to fire soon as he has been their pillar. And surely he is one game away from finding form, I only hope he waits a couple of weeks until after their Greens game:-)
Indus 14 15 1 7.04 Indus just don’t start well. The previous seasons worked for them as they were able to bring their A game towards the mid-season and launch them to a play-off spot. But the new draw is a bit unkind to them and they only have themselves to blame for they lost games they didn’t have any business losing. They started R2 with 2 game deficit against board leaders but have started very well winning both games convincingly. They dont have a very rough draw in R2, aIthough will get slightly tougher from here on. With a certain Nilesh in their ranks they would certainly back themselves to win most of them. Other teams will do well to try and emulate Indus’ on-field behaviour and show that teams dont necessarily have to cuss their way to wins.
ACC 15 17 2 6.67 ACC can be the real scenario changer in Pool Y. They are currently sitting pretty at no. 3 in Pool Y, but the going is to get tough from now on as their next 4 games read MB, Indus, Greens and Falcons. They have played solid cricket so far. Besides knocking over some good teams in R1, they also have a very good unit. They pretty much play the same XI and use the same six bowlers without too much tinkering, which means they play with set strategies most often than not.
Dynamites 16 16 0 6.17 Dynamites did well to get Babu to play for them. A good friend and I remember him from Michica and he was ridiculously consistent. Game after game, notched 50s up the order and his accuracy with the ball too hot to handle and I hope Dynamites use him well. This year he is probably starting with T-ball, but if he continues to play DCL, we should be hearing more about him. Sathish is one good cover drive away from striking form and if they tidy up their bowling, could make it to last few playoff spots left.
Chargers 17 14 -3 5.81 Had Chargers managed to beat Bridges, they would have greatly enhanced their chances, if not secured their playoff spot. But it definitely is not the end of the road for them. They have to ensure that they win every game from now on, particularly, their game against PTS in a few weeks. If they lose any of their remaining games or even get washed out, their fate would then depend on other results and that they would like to avoid. Pool Y is looking quite organic. With the exception of MB and Bridges and bottom 6, expect the rest of the teams to play musical chairs with positions changing each week and Chargers will be at thick of things.
Greens 18 18 0 5.75 This season we have been blowing hot and cold. Unlike R1 draw, fortunately the R2 draw has been a lot more kinder. However, perching on a precarious 6th spot, margin of error is miniscule. We take on an highly unpredictable Falcons next and on recent form too tight to call as most things are similar with both teams. We did overcome the Challengers’ challenge but couldnt secure the bonus point. Sathish was phenomenal with the ball and in the absence of Riaz, Ashish led the young team very well. In terms of position, where 18 teams fight for 7 spots and not all teams playing another, in the end it is all going to be about bonus points and run-rates.
Cougars 19 19 0 5.21 Cougars undid Spartans without breaking a sweat, but this is about as easy as it is about to get. As their path ahead is not so easy; they carried only 6 points from R1; have some very tough games coming up and they have the likes of PTS, Das Masters and Chargers to beat to entertain any possibility of making the playoffs. They are nice blokes on the field and do wish they do well in the rest of their games.
Icons 20 19 -1 4.85 Icons are an unknown quantity and that unfamiliarity may be their biggest strength. As a new team, there were an unwitting beneficiary of ‘top’ teams wanting to play other ‘top’ teams and they didn’t face many a sterner test. Their biggest win so far has been their one against a wayward Falcons. But from the score cards, looks like a well knit unit and if all other results conspire, could still vie for the last spot available.
DasMasters 21 21 0 4.81 We played a pre-season friendly against the DasMasters and they were a very genuine and nice set of individuals. So, I was mightily surprised to hear about the ‘bodyshopping’ saga. Anyways, that is behind us now. Again much like other teams following them, it is going to be a tough ask breaking into the top 7 of Pool Y, particularly because they do have the rough end of the random draw. They got a PTS pasting last week and they take on the batting might of Bridges.
Spartans 22 22 0 4.67 It seems the end of the road for Spartans with regards to the playoff spot. They did beat Indus in R1 and ran Greens close, but fell by the wayside soon after. They can however look up to get some real match play in the upcoming games as other Pool Y teams are going to steam in and Spartans can play with nothing to lose, and typically thats how upsets are scripted. They take on Burhani if that game does end up happening.
FCC 23 23 0 4.27 If FCC can manage to translate their off-field passion for the game into performance, they would really get some results going their way. They are a zesty bunch and their leadership always seem to do the right things. What I believe they lack is belief that they can do it. We played a game a couple of years back and although they ended up losing they batted very positively and put up a 100+ score. If they could shore up their bowling with some resources, they can definitely fare better than they have been.
Cruisers 24 24 0 4.17 All I can say about Cruisers is from their scorecards and it does appear they have a couple of consistent batsmen. But their bowling has been a sore point, with nearly everyone clocking in at over 4 an over.
Challengers 25 26 1 4.07 Challengers fought hard and stole a bonus point from Greens last game. They do deserve to be rated a few notches above where they are placed now. Much like Spartans, they can take advantage of some match experience to help them in their next season.
Royals 26 25 -1 3.94 Another team with pretty ordinary looking bowling figures. I do recognize a few names from the erstwhile Eagles which was so impressive last year. But as with most jigsaw fit teams, the challenge is to get the individuals to gel together and translate performance into results. If they retain the same bunch, they can look forward to a better season next year.
Burhani 27 27 0 3.70 Right now most Pool Y teams are considering themselves lucky if pitted against Burhani by the randomizer.

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  1. July 13, 2012
    good job ezhil, Reply
    • July 13, 2012
      Thanks Mayur. Made the mistake in the first word for GLCC, I meant to write "Of all" and I ended up writing "After all". Reply
      • July 13, 2012
        I was going to point that Ezhil….:-)….made it sound as if we were your least favorite team…good job! Reply
  2. July 13, 2012
    Good read Ezhil. But, I have one problem with the EP panelists. I think it is the time to stop saying that somebody wasn't at full strength. I know Glads could've had Arjun and they would've have been better. But they didn't. I think it is disrespectful to the glads players who played their hearts out as well as the GLCC players who beat the loaded glads team. I am not sure if everybody will agree with me, but just my 2 cents 🙂 Reply
    • July 13, 2012
      Paul, I agree 100%. Not just with Glads, I guess it's for every team. If you are referring to this instance under the panelist's section, that's why I didn't mention anything about it under Glads' comments, because looks like they played a fantastic game. Reply
      • July 13, 2012
        Yes Ezhil. I was talking about any team. Glads was only an example. 🙂 Reply
  3. July 13, 2012
    I second you Paul..Everyone on the glads team gave more than what was needed against GLCC, But in the end GLCC played some excellent cricket and rest is history. If one guy could change the outcome of the game, then to me Cricket is no more a team game. Reply
  4. July 13, 2012
    Viju.. you have unparalleled control over the english language (both oral and written). but as far as Hindi is concerned you need lot of coaching..:) Reply
    • July 13, 2012
      Parthiv – I concur on the Hindi. It is the National Language and I am trying my best but it does not come naturally :-(. Please correct the obvious errors – I and others will be the better for the same. Reply
  5. July 13, 2012
    Let me introduce myself, I am a key person who helds tournaments in Midwest. I have been following DCL since last year. I agree with paul and sameer, but I still do feel some players u always need to have around you so that u can get over the hump. Cricket is always a team game, but there are some crucial players who will always lead u to championship.
    For example, I have been following DCL and espcially glads closely, I always felt Megabytes is nothing without Gautam, Now I am not saying that it is gautam all by himself when comes to victory. But he plays a vital role. And when it comes to Arjun I think he belongs to a different planet. I have seen his game, I had the opportunity to observe the lights of his wonderful batting. Very down to earth guy and a complete team player. I will diclose one truth that , I tried to buy him once but he turned down my offer saying that he was already committed to his club and he was sorry. To me Arjun will be a key decider to any game on any given day. We all are thankful to have observed the lights of a great Human being. Besides this I think Parthiv of strikers also adds a lot of value to his Team. If I have to decide who will the champions of DCL 2012 I would say Glads undoubtedly if they have the same team that they played against GLCC and just getting in the stupendo-fantabulous Arjun IN some how! and if they donot succeed in getting Arjun IN, than GLCC,Strikers and Warriors will have a Run at the Title. Viju I love reading your articles, they are out of the Blue, it's just that every man has their own opinion. Reply
  6. July 16, 2012
    What happened in Novi cup on weekend? Any recap? Reply
  7. July 16, 2012
    Viju surely when I come down to Michigan , I will try to meet u . I will be out of country for a while. World is round , we will end up meeting! We can sit and discuss a lot of things about cricket and I can go on and on sharing the heroics of the legendary Arjun. Reply
  8. July 16, 2012
    Hello Paul, Team Prometheus wins Novi Cup in its first attempt. Man of the Match – AAA – Awesome Arjun Ajbani. Prometheus rode on Arjun's unbeaten 70 to score 119/6 in 20 Overs. After that there was nothing to do as Arjun took 4 wkts and added a fabulous catch as an exclamation symbol to seal victory. Team Prometheus consisted of the following players – Viju, Arjun,Sameer, Anoop, Amit, Ronnie, Ronak , vishal, Swarup, Maulik – all from Glads and Kishan, Aditya, Hari, Kanwar and Syed from Bridges team. First win of any kind anywhere for most of these players. Best batsman – Aditya, Best Bowler – Arjun ( both from Prometheus), MVP of tourney – Pravin from Knockers/Pokiris. MVP of finals AAA!!! Please join the Gladiators cricket page on facebook to know more of what folks are talking about…. Reply

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