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Glads Vs DarkHorses – A brief Match Report by Sathya Velayutham

DCL 2018: Glads Vs DarkHorses – A brief Match Report by Sathya Velayutham

Toss: Blazers won the toss and elected to Bat
Glads won the toss and elected to Bat
Glads: 129/10 in 21.4 overs
Darkhorses: 53/10 in 15.4 overs
Result: Glads won by 78 Runs
MOM: Hardeep Singh
As half of the season done and Glads need to beat Dark horses as they were above Glads in Ranking..

We started the batting with Udit and Adithya after winning the toss. As a surprise we lost Adi ,Ronak and Sudhir best top three bats man for glads , we were at 6/3 in 2 overs. Hardeep stepped in second down and he played his natural game sending the ball out of park with 7 Six and strike rate of 152. Udit at the other end giving a good partnership to hardeep rotation singles and two’s.when it was 59 udit got out for a catch which he did not get the line of ball. Then Hari kurada got out for 0 but he was giving good partnership in all other games and Tayef and Hardeep had a good partnership and Hardeep made his first 50 in DCL which was due for long time. If Hardeep gets his timing the opponent bowlers will have nightmare that day. Unfortunately he got out at 55/36 ball catch to Raja. Kishan and Tayef tried to build partnership but they were out when team score was 91 of 15 overs. Sathya and Jeet had a good partnership of 36 runs for 9th wickets ,Jeet was timing the ball very well with 2 six and strike rate more than 100.Sathya got out for Pankaj ball and last wicket Ganesh too got out in same over. Which left Glads a score of 129/10 in 21.4 overs.

Glads started to open the bowling with Adithya and Tayef as the day was so sunny and lot of game including Novi Cup bowlers were tired and we tried to give enough rest and rotate the bowlers for more efficiency. Adi Started with a wicket LBW of Viswanath and Tayef first ball just pierced the stumps for Bowled of Issac.Shail and Pankaj tried to built a partnership but shail was out trying to hit to mid-wicket and Ronak took a wonderful running catch at boundary towards his right. DarkHorses were building the partnership with Pankaj and Harish in ground(Left and Right Combination) but he tried to hit the new bowler Sathya for a pull shot but could not able to clear boundary and got caught by Hari kurada a sitting catch in Deep Square.as that was the last over before adi was asked to bowl and he go two Darkhorses best batsman Sid and Mahesh back to back. Which gave Glads upper hand before break and they were 45/6 in 12 overs Immediately after break Harish was out trying to hit long off and Adi took a catch. From there in just 2 over Darkhorses were all out for 53 in 15.4 overs.

Bowling Stats:
Adi 5-0-14-3
Tayef 3-0-12-2
Jeet 2.4-0-9-2
Sudhir 2-0-8-0
Sathya 3-0-10-2

Dark Horses:
Dark Horses are one of the good teams in the league and they have a balanced team with Batting and Bowling. They started the bowling well by getting the top 3 Glads batsman for 2, 0 and 1. I think as Mahesh was tired playing morning Novi Cup game he was not able to bowl So their 5th bowling option went for plenty. Else they are good unit together. All the best for their season.

Dileep from Falcons and Ishaan from TCA Stalions did a wonderful job for the whole game.Their decisions were great. Appreciate then as the game was little delayed due to novi cup. All the best for both the teams.

GO GLADS….!!!!!!!!!!!
The Glads-Blazers Scorecard is as posted below

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