Sep 28, 4 years ago

Predictions SF (Sept 28, 2015)

QF Game

DCL Analysts – Predicted Winner

Rehan Kishan Mayur (#1) Vamsi Viju
Analyst Record As of 09/28/2015 6-6 8-4 6-6 8-4 8-4
QF1 Pokiris Vs Arsenal* Pokiris Pokiris Pokiris Pokiris Arsenal
QF2 Knockers Vs Falcons Knockers Knockers Falcons Falcons Knockers
* – Showcased Game Of The Week ** – Anlayst’s Upset Pick Of The Week

Glads Management would like to publicly thank fellow EP Panelist and top rated Analyst Mayur for turning dreams into reality.

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  1. September 28, 2015
    Arsenal, Falcons Reply
  2. September 28, 2015
    Viju – What made you think Arsenal & Knockers can win their respective SFs? Reply
    • September 28, 2015
      Falcons have been dropping too many catches – 10 or so in PQF and 5 or so in QF ….. catches win matches and against good teams dropped catches will come back to haunt you and I am not convinced that they have solved that malady. Knockers in comparison play to the level of their competition and have got nothing from the bat of Bangera or Suyog or for that matter anyone not named Arun and come SF I expect couple of those guys to step up and that will make the difference I feel. Knockers have way too much talent and they need only someone of those multi talented guys to click and the Knocker bowling led by LG is best of breed and Arun has gone back to 5 Overs 8 runs kind of stats and that means you have to target Suyog and Bangera for runs as Arun, LG and Jeet hardly give any and that is really not much option …… comparatively Falcons fifth bowler is leaking runs at a rate faster than water leaked into the Titanic. If Bangera clicks game will be over or out of reach in a jiffy as he will score runs at a rapid pace ….. Arsenal vs Pokiris …. very interesting and I am short pressed right now for time so will have to address later….. Reply
  3. September 28, 2015
    It is now B6 vs B8 and A2 vs A8 in semis, needless to say they played each other in league stage and know opponents except Arsenal and Pokiris washed out. All Knockers need is to keep there heads down and play game by sticking to basics and I predict this will be a cakewalk game of the week I heard Arsenal is so confident, but Pokiris are not going to leave any stone unturned to get into finals after stealing one team's lost opportunity and it will be Pokiris Vs Knockers all the way in finals Also weird prediction from my DCL guru "any team name that does not end with 'S' won't be in finals this year" Reply
  4. September 28, 2015
    Arsenal**, Knockers** Reply
  5. October 1, 2015
    viju bhai, look like there will be no rain on saturday , but it will be really cold. What is the possibility of playing on Saturday. I belie last year semi was similar to this when glads played bridges, it was really cold Reply
  6. October 2, 2015
    Arsenals, Knockers Reply
  7. October 3, 2015
    Score updates pls Reply
  8. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 52/1 in 14 overs And Arsenal are 42/7 Reply
  9. October 3, 2015
    Arsenal 53 all out Reply
  10. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 71/1 in17 Reply
  11. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 74/2 in 18 ….. Bangera in …. Matta 36 odd runs ….. Power play left ….. Knockers in completecontrol Reply
  12. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 78/2 in 20 Reply
  13. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 99/3 in 22.1 Reply
  14. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 111 in25 Reply
  15. October 3, 2015
    Pokiris 16/0 in 6 Reply
  16. October 3, 2015
    Pokiris 30/1 in 10.5 ….. Prasanna 19 out Reply
  17. October 3, 2015
    Pokiris 32/1 at break ….. Knockers 2/1 in 2.1 Reply
  18. October 3, 2015
    Knockers 17/4 in 7 and Pokiris need 3 to win with 7 wkts in hand Reply
  19. October 3, 2015
    Pokiris won Reply
  20. October 3, 2015
    Falcons 26/5 in 11.4 Reply
    • October 3, 2015
      Whats Deepaks bowling figure today? Reply
  21. October 3, 2015
    Congrats Knockers n Pokiris!! Thanks a lot for all the updates Viju.. Reply
  22. October 3, 2015
    Wats Pokiris stats ? Ravi Teja or Prasanna ? Reply

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