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Glads vs Pokiris – DCL Match 13

Glads Vs Pokiris – Scorecard
They say 13 is an unlucky number and guess the Glads guys found that Match #13 was unlucky for them. It was a great game and lived up to the billing of SGOW status that was rightfully accorded to it. Both teams did not disappoint any who came to watch the game. Pokiris controlled most of the game but great fighting spirit from the Glads team saw the game end in a tie but in the Super Over, Pokiris were far superior for the last seven out of 10 Overs, hence they rightfully deserved the win – That is the way I saw it. Since this was a tough loss to swallow, I shall skip the match report as I honestly do not care to relive the moments and subject myself to needless mental agony by regurgitating the whole match. In any case the interested observer can pour over the scorecard and figure out the ball by ball details. I just want to forget about this game and move on to fantasy football. Without much ado, here are the brief details:

Toss: Glads won the toss and elected to bat
Glads 75/9 in the allotted 25 Overs
Pokiris 75 all out in 24.4 Overs
MOM: Pokiris call but assume it has to be Prasanna
Result: Match was tied which resulted in a 5 Over Super Over contest. Pokiris won by 13 runs in the Super Over Contest

The Glads-Pokiris Scorecard is as posted below:

The Glads-Pokiris Super Over Contest Scorecard is as posted below:

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  1. September 21, 2015
    I wish this was DCL Finals 2015. Both the teams played well and lived up to the SGOW. Good luck to my team in the upcoming games and thanks to Glads for putting up a nice show. I am sure that both teams did not disappoint any who came to watch the game as well as folks like me who was constantly following whatsapp txt msgs to get score updated. Tuff Luck Viju and Team !! Reply
    • September 22, 2015
      Thanks Sundar. Yes it was a game that lived up to the billing. Good luck to you and your team in the coming game. Reply
  2. September 21, 2015
    Both Sixes Ravi Teja hit were Shot of tournament… One straight hit and other on long off. If you want comparison remember the sixes by Sachin Tendular in Sharjah against Australia One in Tom Moody bowling and another one in Kasprowicz Reply
  3. September 22, 2015
    Oooops. All DCL fans will be missing the match report badly here. More than watching the match Vijju's summary report adds beauty to this high profile match. Best example would be last year final's match summary. I loved the way you analyzed and compared each and every player in that. Extraordinary summary I have ever seen. It was like watching the match in live. Please try to add a summary of this match so that we can cherish this match moments anytime in future. Reply
    • September 22, 2015
      @ Pokiris Vs Glads. You correct cent %. That report adds all charm and makes it like I was at game and can see what is going on in great detail. What they thinking and crucial decisions that change game we can’t figure in scorecard. Last year report was one of best I ever read even I see the game reading made me see so many things I missed live. I second your point here as this guy makes DCL more interesting than anyone and now I am worried if interest will all die down to nothing as the team everyone hates or loves is out Reply
    • September 22, 2015
      I was surprised that even the super over result was published by viju bhai, i didn't notice it in the beginning. What more as a fan i can ask to see the details, viju bhai is in top of everything and his players are lucky to see everything in electronic format. Every dcl player will love to play for viju bhai. Awesome work viju bhai Reply
  4. September 24, 2015
    Didn't see much action from ronnie this year. With his variations, he could have been handy against pokiris especially in the super over Reply

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