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Point – Counter Point Week 10 (July 24, 2015)

Point – Counter Point …….. A new idea from the Glads Website Think Tank
Week 10 Debate – Who will win the SGOW between GLCC vs Brownstown:

Every Week the Point-Counter Point Analysts will be randomly assigned the grandiose, ostentatious and mind-bogging task of debating either the Point or Counter-Point side of the Weekly Debate. The Analysts have no say in deciding which side of the debate they will be assigned and have been only tasked with the sole responsibility of trying their level best to make a viable and legitimate case to convince the reader why they should believe the Point or Counter-Point side of the argument. It could very well happen that the Analyst may even have to argue against his own team and be forced to issue disparaging comments against his own team to try and score a point in the debate.

Please understand that the Analyst may often debate points they may not fully believe but for the sake of making a case they may use all kinds of colorful, flowery and imaginative language to score a point. None of the P/CP Analyst’s see the comments made by the other Analysts as these are sent to me privately and they get to see all the comments only when the article is published on the site. This column is meant for people who can see the fun side of things and are sportive to understand that the columnists do not have anything against anyone rather they are just doing their job which is to make things lively, fun and interesting.

The Glads website was meant to be a fun site as the Glads founders are fun loving guys and in keeping with that motto we often unveil and introduce things that have never been tried before. The EP Poll, Predictions and Fantasy have been wildly successful and I hope this one also hits the bulls-eye and as weeks pass by the P/CP Analysts will become more competitive and raise the bar and set new standards that no one had dreamt before. What differentiates DCL from every other League in America is the fact that the games played on the weekends are just the tip of the iceberg and the real fun starts after that as hype, publicity, fantasy, articles, witty comments etc. take over and keep the reader engrossed till the next weekend games roll around.

I hope no one takes any of the comments mentioned personally as the P/CP Analysts are just doing their job and had no hand in being assigned to argue one side of the debate as that was randomly assigned but if you do then you need to go and get your head examined as you are a sore loser who cannot take things in stride.

For the P/CP Analysts,

Viju Zachariah

Point: GLCC will make sure that BT who has one foot out of the door with regards to playoff race gets to have a foot and a hand out of the Playoff Door!!!

This game is going to be a close match like Glads Vs Knockers game. But GLCC is going to cross the finish line because of the following points..
1. GLCC is going to win because they got new and young captain, Aakash who is in very good form.
2. In terms of experience, both the teams have many years of experience together in their senior players. But GLCC is looking strong with DCL old horses like Samish, Pradeep, Ashraf and my friend Jagan. Their experience and knowledge will be a big advantage.
3. GLCC has my first preferred/choice wicket keeper/batsman and our FCC Reds player Ajith, Who is doing very well in all three departments batting, bowling and keeping which is very rare to find.
4. GLCC has added many new talents and one stood tall among all of them is Nalin with his unique bowling style and he will be crucial in this match.
5. GLCC started ignoring their old rivalry and added player from Mega Bytes camp.
Mayur (LPCC):
GLCC is a true subcontinent team that has representation from the three biggest cricket crazy countries. They should also comfortably win this matchup for the following reasons.
1) Aakash Patel: The guy is plain crazy & there is no other way to put it. He plays DCL then Leatherball T20 & shows up at 7pm for a night tournament. If at all there is a contest for the best allrounder in the league then Aakash & Jasneet are miles above the next closest candidate.
2) Ajith Jayasinghe: Now I shall not contradict myself here and count Ajith as a keeper to save me the blushes. He started of as a bowler, then began scoring heavily, keeps wickets and can also walk on water if you check.
3) Nalin: It is very easy to bat against Nalin, just have to be able to see the ball. No big deal. The fact that the ball whizzes past you as you blink has nothing to do with it. If you’re good playing blind on the gambling table then this should be just as easy.
4) Samish: Clutch, big game player, call him what you want. Glads will not forget the heart-in-mouth moment during the season opener as samish took wickets at the fag end of the chase. In games against Glads, BT & other age-old foes, cometh the hour cometh the man.
Dilip (Glads):
None Submitted
Viju (Glads):
None Submitted as he was out of town and all tied up.

Counter-Point: BT will make sure after this game GLCC also has one foot out of the Playoff Door by giving them a crucial loss!!!

Rehan (BT):
Brownstown and GLCC are two of the senior most teams around in DCL. With more than 25 years of DCL experience and 5 DCL rings together, both promise a lot of action and excitement in the day/night encounter which has been labelled as SGOW. Although both teams appear to be a shadow of the power house they used to be, they still offer a lot of attraction among DCL fans.
It’s ironic that these two haven’t met much in recent history and it seems like ages when these two met last time in a DCL field. If memory serves me right, the last encounter between these two was also a day/night affair, probably in 2011 at the same venue, that is NCP. I don’t remember much details of that game but still remember the two lofty sixes Rashid struck against Samish and a narrow victory for BT. Will the history repeat again??? Well with both these legends still around and very high possibility of similar battle between the two, I have every reason to believe that history may as well be repeated.
While GLCC has beefed up some young talent and also has a young leader, BT still trusts and runs on the old Diesel engine with players like Mujahid, Zia, Akbari, Hamid, Javed, Rashid, Kamran, Imran, Rehan B. and Rehan M. still around …. Hopefully senior members like Ashraf, Samish, Abhishek, Pradeep would show up for this game. Both teams have very unsettled line up and no one knows who would show up on the game day. But I am sure both will bring their best for this game. Both would want to win this game badly to strengthen their play off spot.
GLCC is having a pretty decent season so far. With 4 wins and two very close losses against Glads and Avengers, they are sitting pretty in a very tough pool. I expect them to easily make it to play offs. They have been scoring pretty heavy but at the same time also conceding many runs. To beat GLCC, the winning formula is pretty simple for any team … Just get rid of Ajith and Aakash early and you have the game in your pocket. And BT has a perfect recipe to meet this requirement. They have the pace of Muhahid and the cunning variation of Hamid. And if somehow they can handle both, then they will be greeted with the thunderbolts from Mansab ( if he somehow manage to get to the field on time ) 
I had a conversation with Jagan after we lost our game to Beavers few weeks ago.
Jagan: How come you guys lost to Beavers and that too with huge margin?
Rehan: Jagan, you know they have a leg spinner in their line up and he ….
Jagan: oh no, a leg spinner, that’s all any team need to topple your team. I used to get wickets in bulk load against you guys in my olden days
Rehan: Yeah, we need you to show us how to play spin…Will you join us in our training camp
Jagan: Mama, sure I will but not until Jul 25
Rehan: Oh are you going to India ???
Jagan: No, I will be attending GLCC camp till Jul 25, training their spinners on how to run through BT line up
Rehan : Darn ….I dialed the wrong number before the GLCC game. Ahh Don’t worry BT will be practicing to play left handed to handle the leg spinners.
BT has one player who can play both left and right handed, so don’t be surprised if that really happens :))
Kishan (Bridges):
None Submitted
Majid (RC):
None Submitted as he is Umpiring the game so did not want to up the ante
Hari (Glads):
None Submitted as he is very upset that his old mate Jeet is playing for GLCC!!! Just kidding!!!

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