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Point – Counter Point Week 7 (June 24, 2015)

Point – Counter Point …….. A new idea from the Glads Website Think Tank
Week 7 Debate – Who will win the SGOW between Glads vs Spartans:

Every Week the Point-Counter Point Analysts will be randomly assigned the grandiose, ostentatious and mind-bogging task of debating either the Point or Counter-Point side of the Weekly Debate. The Analysts have no say in deciding which side of the debate they will be assigned and have been only tasked with the sole responsibility of trying their level best to make a viable and legitimate case to convince the reader why they should believe the Point or Counter-Point side of the argument. It could very well happen that the Analyst may even have to argue against his own team and be forced to issue disparaging comments against his own team to try and score a point in the debate.

Please understand that the Analyst may often debate points they may not fully believe but for the sake of making a case they may use all kinds of colorful, flowery and imaginative language to score a point. None of the P/CP Analyst’s see the comments made by the other Analysts as these are sent to me privately and they get to see all the comments only when the article is published on the site. This column is meant for people who can see the fun side of things and are sportive to understand that the columnists do not have anything against anyone rather they are just doing their job which is to make things lively, fun and interesting.

The Glads website was meant to be a fun site as the Glads founders are fun loving guys and in keeping with that motto we often unveil and introduce things that have never been tried before. The EP Poll, Predictions and Fantasy have been wildly successful and I hope this one also hits the bulls-eye and as weeks pass by the P/CP Analysts will become more competitive and raise the bar and set new standards that no one had dreamt before. What differentiates DCL from every other League in America is the fact that the games played on the weekends are just the tip of the iceberg and the real fun starts after that as hype, publicity, fantasy, articles, witty comments etc. take over and keep the reader engrossed till the next weekend games roll around.

I hope no one takes any of the comments mentioned personally as the P/CP Analysts are just doing their job and had no hand in being assigned to argue one side of the debate as that was randomly assigned but if you do then you need to go and get your head examined as you are a sore loser who cannot take things in stride.

For the P/CP Analysts,

Viju Zachariah

Point: Glads will blaze past the Spartans leaving carnage and absolute destruction in their path!!!

Vamsi (FCC):
Glads are going to win this match with huge margin. Find few reasons below…
1. Glads want to settle their account with Spartans by taking the revenge.
2. Glads have very strong batting unit and their core players Arjun, Ronak, Hari and Maulik are in great form.
3. Glads bowling is very good this year, so far their main bowlers were having economy of 3 or less.
4. Glads are undefeated so far this season with 4 wins.
5. Glads have a very strong leader. Viju can inspire his teammates to the highest level with his motivational speeches.

Majid (RC):
This is my second time for Glads this season and whatever I stated in my week 2 P/CP still holds true… (just being lazy to re-type again) 😉

Of the four games they have played this season, GLCC, I think, were pretty close talent-wise… The other three games were won of course with their play, but with a hint of intimidation… IMHO.

This weekend will be a good test for Glads as Spartans have the talent to cause an upset, but they have to hold their nerves and not get overwhelmed.

I would like a add a little bit on Spartans as I saw them playing for the first time…

This team is built around two comparably talents in Madhu and Phalgun… both are excellent all-rounders…. while Madhu is an excellent fielder, Phalgun is equally good keeper. They are ably supported by their captain Abhishek with his leadership and all-round play. Love Shashank’s batting… plays with the lazy grace of a DGower, but right-handed. I feel if he gets over his nerves, he can score in big numbers.

Hari (Glads):
We are bringing Team Spartans horoscope for 2015 DCL.
This year Team Spartans will have a successful and memorable one….compare to all previous years.
While this weekend Spartans horoscope is full of disappointment, they are going to experience a major reality check facing Glads Team. While their goal is to win against Glads but they will be struggle with an “all hope is lost” attitute.

Spartans Kundali:- On June 27th Saturn enters in Team Spartans (Planet of Karma), Saturn doesn’t make things easy..This weekend are considered very difficult time for them. They have to face many hardship and problem within team and opposite Team. They have to work really hard to WIN against Glads Team.
Saturn advice to Team Spartans – This game will be learning DCL life’s lessons.
The first house belongs to “Abhishek Sunkari”, leader of the team, excellent all-rounder and responsible Captain….without him nothing would ever really happen in Spartans world. Luckily this year he doesn’t need to travel Lansing for umpiring :)…One less thing to worry about.
If we talk about Varma, he reside in Spartans Second house…Glads point of view he is very dangerous players, Varma alone crashed Glads Team last year. Spartans will be hoping same Varma shows up this Saturday @DSP. The Third house belongs to this year superstar of Spartans “Madhusudhana”…He is leading in runs plus wickets, OH NO for poor Madhu’s SHANI SADESATI starts these weekend….”Shudhana Shanaiye”, The FOURTH house belongs to another all-rounder “Bala”…Another Bala another chokka from Glads. The FIFTH house belongs to “Mahesh”, He is already a Rahu/Ketu…Knockers said to him “Bye Bye” Spartans said “Hi Hi”!! The SIXTH house belongs to “Aakash”, Man Aakash start saying Hari OM!! Hari OM!! This might help you!!

Glads Kundali:- “Viju” (Astrology Guru pandit) has all “wandering stars” in his pocket…I am sure he & his Team is ready to give it back!!

Advice to Spartans:- Postpone taking any important decisions during this phase, rather, utilize it for chalking out your strategies for future.

Remedies for Spartans Team (Apply only for this week):
1) Do 15 mins of Meditation daily in the morning; this will help to recover after a heavy loss on Saturday.
2) Practice 3 days, at least it will help to avoid Big loss.
3) Visit respective temples daily & do Archanas in your Team name!!
4) Please avoid all the temples where Mr. Ajay (Troy) & his Team visited last week…No Good results.

Dilip (Glads):
Now this is called a real deal when both batting powerhouse teams play against each other and I am glad that EP panelists assign Glads vs Spartans SGOW. I saved this special DON theme for team Gladiators as Glads team have more than one DON and remaining 31 teams trying to catch these DON’s but my friends don’t forget that ” Don ka intazar to DCL ki sabhi teams karti hai magar Don ko Pakadna muskil hi nahi, naamumkin hai”(Except if your name is Vamshi). On my point of view I would give an advantage to team Glads as I said they have more than one DON so I will explain one by one that who are these Don’s and why are they dangerous for Spartans.

1. Viju Victordada (Don):
Revenge is a dish best served cold. Viju still remember last year loss against Spartans and i am sure all big guns will be available to take care of Spartans. I will just warn my Spartan’s fans that get ready for big revenge as Viju marked your game on a day when DCL scheduled came up and if that is the case then I think only rain can save Spartans.
“Viju(Don) ke dushman ko yeh baat hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye … ki Viju(Don) kabhi kuch nahin bhoolta”(Don).

2. Hari Hattella(Don)
Gladiators blessed with best brain in DCL in form of the great Hari(Don). Hari is very smart and not only his brain is becoming better and better with his age but also his batting bowling and fielding is getting better and better day by day.
“Isse pehle ki Hari(Don) ka dushman apni pehli chaal chale … Hari(Don) apni agli chaal chal chuka hota hai.(Don)”

3.Maulik the Masterclass (Don)
Maulik patel is the heart and soul of team Glads. May be he is not following all stats of other teams like Viju but I am sure he never forget that how many games Glads lost last years and who were the opponents. If Beast mode will be on then I think even Rain won’t save Spartans as Beast can finish the game before the raindrop reach to ground.
“Maulik(Don) aadmi ka naam bhool sakta hai … lekin ye nahin bhoolega … ki usse dafnaaya kahan hai”(Don).

4. Mr. Dependable Arjun Ajbani(Don)
AAA is in his prime and if my memory is good then I still remember that when Arjun and I played together for Glads we never lost any game. No doubt Viju is Badshaah of team Glads but Arjun is Vazir of same team.
“Taqt ki parvah badshah se zyada uske vazir ko hoti hai aur Jith ki parvah Viju se zyada Arjun ko hoti hai”(Don).

5. Ronak the Run machine(Don)
Ronak.U. Patel is Viju’s one of Anmol Ratan but I would like to give him a different name that “Ronak the Run machine”. He is a complete batsman and as far as I know him he likes to perform against tough oppositions like he did it against GLCC,Bridges, BT, Falcons, and many more teams. I think Spartans is turning out to be a good team this year but that is bad for them as if “The Run machine” thinks that Spartans is tough team and he turns on then not even DTE can save them.
Ronak.U to DCL : “Runs ek nasha hai … aur main us Nasha banane waali factory ka eklauta maalik hoon”( Don).

6. Anoop the bowling machine(Don):
As we all know that Anoop is Viju’s another Anmol Ratan but I would modify his name too ” Anoop the Bowling Machine”.I never seen any accurate bowler like Anoop in DCL and that is why I said bowling machine as he bowl six same balls if we forced him to bowl. He is a very humble player and it’s my pleasure to play along with him.
“Mujhe logo ka wicket lene ka koi shaunk nahin … wohi mujhe majboor kar dete hain”(Don)

7.Sultan Ronnie(Don)
Ronnie is back from short summer vacation and his energy is much better than first two games. He gave a solid dose of his bowling to Beavers and I think Spartans will be his next target. If Ronnie clicks on game day then I think Viju won’t even use his Bowling machine or Vajir.
“Don ke samne aadmi ke paas sirf do raaste hote hain … maan jaye ya mar jaye … jaisi uski marzi …..aur Ronnie ke samne batsman ke paas sirf do raaste hote hain … Out ho jaye ya Run Out ho jaye … jaisi uski marzi”(Don).

8.Hard hitter Hardeep Singh(Don):
Ranveer Singh of Bollywood and Hardeep singh of DCL both became famous in just blink of an eye all thanks to Band baaja baarat of Maneesh Sharma and in DCL thanks to Band baaja baarat of Rehan Mallick. I am a big fan of both singh and both are performing well so neither Bollywood nor Glads have to worry about Box office collection as we know they both are 100 CR Club members.
Mujhe do tarah ki teams pasand nahi aati … ek woh joh mere samne harne mein bahut derr lagaye aur doosri woh joh bahut jaldi haar Maan jaye.(Don)

9.Outstanding Ophir messy(Don):
Last but not the least if Glads best bowler Ophir will be playing next game then Glads will be all over on Spartans. High marks for Ophir as professionally and personally as he fall in same category of Anoop, very humble person with top class talent.
“Ophir(Don) apne doston ka haal pooche na pooche … apne dushmano ki khabar hamesha rakhta hai”(Don).

Glads also have Chhota Don’s in form of Satya, Vishal, Mehang, Swarup and Dilip etc but in real world Big Dons always hold the power and attentions of public so Glads big Dons will be good enough to take care of any team and hardly small dons will be tested but whenever those small packets were tested in past , they always done the big Dhamaka if you don’t believe then just check the stats of last Glads game.

Special mention: We all know from newspapers that how Doud was handling mafia world while sitting out overseas and same apply to DCL world as both Sankar Don(Australia) and Chetan Don(California) are handling DCL mafia world from overseas.

Both Dons to DCL world:
“Kuch kaam aaise hote hai jin mein fayda yah nuksaan nahi dekha jaata … bus unhe karna zaroori hota hai”(Don).

Counter-Point: There will be a massive cry from the Spartans saying Go Sparta that will result in Glads getting stopped and found frozen dead in the aftermath!!!!

Rehan (BT):
Gladiators ( The Roman Giants) and Spartans ( The Greek Warriors) never fought each other in the history. The jury is out to debate who would have won had these two were to fight centuries ago. There are different analysis, but everyone agrees to one thing. If it was a one-on-one fight , a Gladiator would kill Spartan hands down. But if it’s a group of Gladiators vs group of Spartans, Spartans will beat Gladiators, hands down, pants down and whatever can go down. So on June 27, when the Gladiators and Spartans of DCL have a face off, I have no doubt that the historians will be proven right. Too bad for Gladiators that this is not a single wicket competition. Just like their ancestor Roman giants, Each Gladiator is a giant in its own and can take on any individual. But when it comes to team game, they are no match to the Greek Warriors, the Spartans.
Viju has been collecting Gladiator giants every year in the hope to turn them into a groups of Spartans. This year he thought that by including Hardeep to his arsenal, all his problems will be solved. Poor Viju forgot that Canton’s top class batting surface, with no LBWs is a totally different ball game compared to the tricky DCL batting surface with LBW in play. Add the mercy of umpiring team and you have a total different scenario in play. I hope Viju would wake up from the slumber as his Gladiators enter the Spartan’s fortress this Saturday…
Spartans are a gang of warriors led by the ultimate fighter Abhishek Sunkari … Viju always claim that he has the greatest thinker Hari at his disposal. Well he has no idea that Abhishek has one better, Aakash Nambdoori in his rank. Not only that his last name resembles with another DCL great Mr. Namboori , he possess similar skill and shrewdness as the former DCL great. Aakash is such a top class all-rounder with amazing cricketing brain, that would put even Namboori to shame.
To counter Viju’s effort in acquiring new talent, Abhishek hit a master stroke this year as he loaded his super talented Spartans with former Juggernaut Mahesh in his line up….Mahesh is a player for big games and nothing can be bigger than the game against Glads … He is fluent behind the stumps, who could stand up to the stumps against fastest of fast bowlers. Not only that, he is also a big hitter with the ability to match Hardeep’s firework prowess. Sorry Hari , I know you have already started to feel itchy and might be thinking about handling these two super talents, but unfortunately for you and your team, the buck doesn’t stop here.
Next big threat is Phalgun. He is loaded with his bag of tricks like Hari, when he has ball in his hands. With bat, he is solid like Arjun and can also send the ball to distance at will. Add Varma, Karthik and Madhu making Spartans a team who will come in your dreams as a nightmare. Viju was unable to sleep the night of the game before Beavers ….. I can visualize him staying up the entire week befor the game against Spartans. Viju might need to take the week off from work as I see him scratching paper after paper on the drawing board to come up with any strategy … He may have to call the garbage collection to pick up loads of bins fill with papers of failed strategies.
At the toss on Jun 27, Abhishek will have a chuckle with Viju:
Viju: “What did they call the Roman, who found a piece of hair in his teeth”Abhishek : “Yeah I know…. Glad-He-Ate-Her”
Viju(puzzled): “What !!!! that piece of hair in our teeth is from eating …… “
Abhishek: “Yeah, yeah i saw a chicken running around for her life in the ground before the game”
Viju: “Nooooo… that hair is not a chicken hair….and by the way what did Spartans eat ”

Abhishek: “Nothing, Spartans are hungry to eat each of the Gladiator … Now send someone to call the toss, as we’re getting hungry for the meal”

Kishan (Bridges):

Spartans Abhishek will give the following clarion call:

After that it will be all downhill for Glads from that point. Glads will be crying by the time game will be over but they will be so tired from running all around the ground tears will not come.

Mayur (LPCC):
Dilip: Listen carefully, Varma. Glads conquer and control every tournament we rests our eyes upon. Our reputation is so massive it forces teams to submission even before playing, Our batting order so deep that batsmen 5-10 never get to bat. All the Great Viju requires is this: accept defeat or down in the sea of runs and wickets. Spartans can even give a walkover to the will of Viju.

Varma: Walkover. Well, that’s a bit of a problem. See, rumor has it that teams are no longer that scared of you. And of course Spartans… have their reputation to consider
Dilip: A dozen of the best glads will descend upon you. Our sixers will blot out the sun!

Varma: Then we will bowl in the shade
Dilip: Choose your next words carefully, Varma. They may be your last as a player.

Varma: [to himself: thinking] “Runs and wickets”?
[Varma points his bat at the Dilip’s throat]
Dilip: Madman! You’re a madman!

Varma: Runs and wickets? You’ll find plenty of both down there.
Dilip: No team, DCL or MichCA, no team threatens the Glads!

Varma: You bring the records of past seasons to me. You mock my captain. You threaten my team with a barrage of sixers and fours! Oh, I’ve chosen my words carefully, Dilip. Perhaps you should have done the same!
Dilip: This is blasphemy! This is madness!

Varma: Madness…?
Varma: This is DCL!

Viju (Glads):

Let me admit right off the bat that it will be tough to top what Dilip did this week. Hats off to him as he did an exceptional job.

The Glads Skipper has already admitted that he was cranky before the Beavers game as he had not slept the night before the Beavers game. Now that Glads have a SGOW against Spartans, it is safe to say that he won’t be doing much sleeping as repeat nightmares of what the “Glads Killer” Varma did to Glads last year is going to haunt him all of this week. Then came this news that Spartans are so confident that they have this in the bag that have given Madhisudhan Haveri an all-expense paid trip to visit California. Through the grapevine I had heard that Haveri was good and then I got to see him for all of one over when Spartans took on FCC and I was observing him intently and had formulated some opinions on what I would like try to have the Glads bowlers do on game day when Glads faced Haveri … alas we have been robbed of that opportunity and Glads tried our best to make sure a Glads full strength team could take on a Spartans full strength team alas none of the options worked for one side or the other. I chatted ever so briefly with Haveri the other day and he seemed like a very pleasant fellow so this is a bummer!!! Glads will miss the services of their superstar Hardeep which is an absolute killer in more ways than one and Arjun is injured so hopefully he sucks up the pain and plays and we may miss Anoop too due to unavoidable circumstances but hopefully the Glads skipper and his mates can work some magic.

Meanwhile Haveri or no Haveri, I opine Spartans need only Varma and Abhishek just like last year for this deadly duo remind me of Veeru and Jai from the movie Sholay. Spartans detractors may well say “DCL Ke Thakur Saab, Mujhe Yeh to nahi pata ki aapka kya kaam hai lekin yah zaroor pata hai ki yeh dono kisi kaam ke nahi hai.” But last year against Glads the Glads more or less experienced things similar to:
Abhi: Agar mauka mila to 40-50 runs toh easily individually mar sakte hai … kyun partner mainey zyada to nahin bol diya”
Varma: Ab Jab bol hi diya hai to dekh lengey”
The next thing we saw last year was Glads were on the run, running from flag to flag fetching the ball from the boundary!!! Varma single handedly put Glads to flight and this year will be no different. History will repeat itself!!! If Varma fails Akaash and Bharat will be there to take care of business.

Now you can understand why the Glads Skipper is unable to get much sleep this week. A cranky Glads skipper sitting pensive is no good for the League and in this pensive environment, Hamid Bhai the Glads Skippers internet well-wisher happened to visit Viju and then the following conversation took place ala Sholay Style!!!

Hamid Bhai: Viju Bhai itne udaas kyun ho!!! Glads 4-0 record pe baite rahe ho, Cheer up!!! Only Hardeep is missing, Arjun kaise be pain suck up karega aur khel jayega aur Anoop toh apke Anmol rattan hai so he will find a way where there is no way to make you happy!!!
Viju: Arre Hamid Bhai, bas itna samaz lo ke last year se lekar ab thak, this Varma guy appears in my dreams every week to remind me how he thrashed our bowlers around. This year we could not get Cruisers or Miles or even Beavers all out. Our bowlers are not effective and are not getting any wickets. We are in a lot of trouble. I badly need a wicket taking bowler!!! This weight this is sitting like a big Bhoj on me!!! I am getting crushed under the weight of this big load!!! Bas ek achcha bowler mil jaaye to chain ki saans loo.
Hamid Bhai: Haa sach kaha Viju Bhai aapne. Bada bojh hai aap par. Viju Bhai, I have a solution for you, I have a bowler in mind and I think Glads can utilize him for this key game. Veeru is his name.
Viju: Lekin Hamid Bhai, is bojh ko koi kunwe me to phaik nahi deta. Maine is team ko apne hard work aur bahut effort karke is team ko banaya hai. Bahut sacrifice kiya hai is team ko Champion banane ke liye. Bura nah maananaa , itanaa to poochhanaa hi padataa hai ke bowler ka pedigree kay hai, fast bowler hai ya spinner, right hand bowler hai ya left hand bowler, team player hai ya selfish player hai khaandaan kyaa hai, uske lachhchhan kaise hai, uska expectations kya hai?
Hamid Bhai : Pedigree ka to ye hai Viju Bhai,..,ke ek baar Glads team me bandha Veeru ghus ghaya toh jimmedaari sar pe automatically aa jayegi .. Glads team mein rehkar apne pedigree overnight sensational pedigree ho jayegi!!!
Viju : Hey Bhagwan!!! To kya abhi kuchh bhi pedigree nahin hai?
Hamid Bhai: Nahi nahi ye maine kba kahaa Viju Bhai, pedigree hai lekin,… ab roj roj to aadmi jeet nahi sakataa na. .. kabhi haar bhi jaataa hai bechaaraa?
Viju: HAAR jaata hai? Baap re baap!!! Glads ke dictionary mein harne wale word banned hai!!!
Hamid Bhai: Haan Viju Bhai ab ye kambakht lack of control aur wides dalna cheej hi aisi hai ab mai kyaa kahoon ?
Viju: heynnnn. to kya yeh bandha wide factory hai?
Hamid Bhai: Chhi chhi chhi chhi Viju Bhai, woh aur wide factory na na. Woh to bahot hi achchha aur nek ladka hai. Lekin Viju bhai, ek baar before the game sharaab pi li na phir, wide, nobe aur straight ball ka koi tikana aur hosh nahi rahataa hai. Ball haath mein de diye kisi ne, aur wrong stumps dikla diya bechare ko aur phir woh bandha looking London bowling to Tokyo ka drama shuru kar deta hai. Ab isme bechare Veeru ka kya dosh?
Viju: Thik kahate ho hamid Bhai!!! Wide Factory woh, sharaabi woh lekin, Wides dalta woh, Looking London and going Tokyo woh!!! Uska koi dosh nahi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hamid Bhai: Viju Bhai aap to mere dost Veeru ko galat samaz rahi hai. woh to itanaa seedha aur bhola hai. aare ek baar Veeru ko Glads team mein ghus dene ke chance dekar dekiye, ye ball pe ball wide dalna aur game ke start hone se pehle sharaab ki aadat, toh do(two) games mein chhoot jaayegi
Viju: Arre Hamid Bhai, mujh jaise buddeh ko samaza rahe ho. Ye sharaab aur ball ball pe wide dalne ki aadat kisi ki chhooti hai aaj tak.
Hamid Bhai: Viju Bhai aap Veeru ko nahi jaanate, wishwaas kijiye woh is tarah kaa insaan nahi hai. Ek baar Glads team mein ghus gaya to woh us Falcons ke saath poori night party karna aur shor machana, automatically band kar degaa. Bas, sharaab apne aap chhoot jaayegi. Aur wides overnight disappear ho jayegi!!!!
Viju: Taubah taubah!!!! Yeh main kya sun raha hoon, bas yehi ek kami raha gayi thi. Toh ye sala mera arch rivals Falcons ke saath pura night party karta hai aur shor machata hai!!! Iske matlab mere favorite Glads team ke saare top secrets enemy camp mein unke white board pe likka hoga!!!
Hamid Bhai: To isme kaunsi buri baat hai Viju Bhai. arre, gaana soonane, shor machana, party karne to Raajaa-Mahaaraajaa, Presidents, Actors, Actresses, unche unche khaandaan ke log jaate hai, haan.
Viju: Hamid Bhai – ek stupid sawaal pooch na tha apse, If this cartoon is such a good bowler then how come Brownstown did not recruit him?
Hamid Bhai: Ab iska kya answer doon Viju Bhai, problem yeh hai ke Veeru ka soorat dekte hi Rashid ka BP ek dum bad jaatha hai then no use of Meijer BP machine and then Rashid apne apko front line Bowler maan jatha hai aur 5 Overs Rashid bowl karega aur jab Rashid 5 Overs bowl kartha hai tab meri toh waat lag gayi!!! Self preservation ke liye mai Veeru ko Brownstown se dhoor raktha hoon!!!
Viju: Achchha ! Toh hamid Bhai ye bhi bataate jaao ki tumhare yeh gunwaan dost kis team ke liye currently khel raha hai?
Hamid Bhai: Bas Viju Bhaii, Team ka pataa chalate hi ham aap ko khabar de denge.
Viju: Ek baat ki daad doonga Hamid Bhai. Bhale sau buraaeyaa hai tumhare dost mein ,phir bhi tumhare munh se us ke liye taareefe hi nikalti hai.
Hamid Bhai: Ab Kya karoo Viju Bhai.. mera to dil hi kuchh aisa hai aur apne toh ab tak mujhe Glads mein khelne ka mauke nahing diya.(pause)… To.. mai ye rishtaa pakkaa samazoo?
Viju: Pakkaa? . Bhale Glads, Spartans ke saath 5 players se khelen. lekin mai aise aadami ko Glads team mein ghus ne ke opportunity kabhie nahi doonga. Sagi Glads Skipper hoon. koi sautelee, hired for money skipper nahin hoon!!! Team created through blood sweat and tears Hamid Bhai – I can never allow it to go to the dogs!!!
Hamid Bhai: Ajeeb baat hai. mere itane samazaane par bhi aap ne inkaar kar diyaa.. Bechaaraa Veeru… naa jaane kya karega?

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    Great Fun reading P-CP. Awesome Write-Up Everyone, but Writing Don Dilip Bhai did a fantastic job. simply awesome, you should create videos of all 9 with the dialogues you wrote (like dubsmash), I almost visualized..! Reply
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    Added Kishan's analysis. Reply
  5. June 24, 2015
    WOW, excellent guys, you are making P-CP now very interesting and something to read Ha Ha Ha…………Because you guys put so much Bhejaa and time to write this only to entertain us then I feel I should recognize all of you individually because you guys deserve. Writing only 1 or 2 words for your huge efforts is not fair. So here you go……… Dilip……….Very funny for those who have seen those movies and dialogues. The people like me who does not watch all recent movies still making their own scene after reading DILIP DON story. But an excellent efforts to highlights all Glads players with their role. Rehan……….. Rehan is getting better and better by bringing his hidden sense of humor. His flow of connecting things now provide entertainment also, not only information. But, very true picture of Gladiators and Spartans if you have read the history of those two warriors. Good alignment. Mayur……….. Very good try to connect Movie Spartan scene to convert in Glads (Dilip) and Saprtans (Varma) conversation and sent a clear message that who will win without saying anything (Most of you have seen that scene in Movie Spartan). Hari…………..Good theme, Hari specialty is that he brings every week a new foundation theme which goes around his debate. Very clever to get material to write. Viju Bhai Jaan…………….. Yeh kia yaad dilaa diyaa Viju Bhai. Sholay was one of Movies of my child hood and I guess I have tried to watch that movie 3 times. That is why even after 25 to 30 years I can not forget those Dialogues. They were funny then and they are funny now after your fake conversion here between you and me. Everything fits good except the Shoshaa you left at the ends that Hamid Bhai wants to join Glads. Arey Viju Bhai ab toe time wind-up karne kaa hae, retirement ke Asaar hein. Aur Jab tak Brownstown register ho rahee hae hum ne kahan janaa hae. Actually Cricket is not for play only it is chance to sit among friends and enjoy. DCL is the best source to connect with a lot of good people and talent. As I said it is time to leave cricket as a player, but, I’ll play as long as I am performing and Rashid is bearing me with my all goods and bads. But, very funny you wrote. Actually I have a solution for your game with Spartans……..I’ll stop by :)))) Majid Bhai and Vamsi………………. Very nice straight talk……….Bhai yeh hae “Pythagorean theorem” aur ye hiss tarhaa derive hoti hae……Mazaa aye parh ke toe tuition fee Jaroor denaa…..Nahee toe jao apnaa raastaa naapo. Go read all other PCP lafangoun kee mazakhiya (funny) writing. Hum toe bus yehee likh sakte hein. Samajh Ayaa ke Naaheee.. :))) Kishan: Kuch Bolne hee ko nahee diyaa Kishan Baboo ne. :))) Again excellent efforts guys keep it up. Reply
    • June 25, 2015
      Got it… thx Hamid Bhai 😉 Reply
  6. June 24, 2015
    Watch the video to see how the Gladiators Destroy Spartans this time around and win Rome, Greece…:))))))))))),

  7. June 29, 2015
    Good analysis guys, special thanks to Rehan bhai, Mayur, Majid and Kishan for believing in Spartans.
    Hari, liked your horoscopes but sad that none of that happened.. :D. It could have been a good game had rain taken no part in this.
    Hopefully, we continue in the same way, to be a threat to Gladiators & all the other teams.
    Good luck guys. Vijju,
    Great work on your website, got to admit it. This is some serious work.
    Thank you for the entertainment. Reply
  8. June 29, 2015
    Thanks Hamid, Ajay & Abhishek…
    @Abhishek….My horoscopes worked yaar…I went to temple too!! LOL!! Reply

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