Glads Vs Bridges – SF Game

Glads Vs Bridges – Scorecard
Historically speaking, Bridges and Glads were formed in the same year from the former Lansing Cricket Club. Both teams have made the Playoffs every year and both teams key players knew each other well. With a possible berth in the DCL Finals on the line there was much to fight for but credit goes to both teams and the DCL Committee for ensuring that both teams got to play this winner takes all kind of game in an environment where both teams got to bring their best to the field and let the game be decided on the field through stellar play. I had hoped that Bridges will be in the opposite pool but fate landed us in the same pool and I had seen this SF game happening almost 5 to 6 weeks before Playoffs started based on how well both teams were playing. With the line in the sand being already drawn, Glads were confident yet cautious as we knew we were playing a top notch unit but we felt if we played up to our potential then we would win this game very convincingly. On Game Day, Glads put on a batting spectacle after flunking the bowling test. Glads bowling was pathetic and only some tight bowling in the last 5 to 7 Overs cut the Bridges score to a manageable figure. Last week our batting looked rusty and bowling looked peachy but this week our bowling looked rusty while our batting looked peachy – maybe the cold weather was partly to blame. Hari played the best game of the 2014 season and Ronak U was in beast mode as he sizzled while putting on a display of controlled aggression. Both Glads and Pokiris are playing great cricket and both have looked formidable in their three victories and it appears that the DCL Finals will be an absolute cracker of a game. On a separate note, the much maligned Pool B got a long needed shot in the arm as the two finalists are from Pool B thereby once again proving that old DCL proverb that there is no pushover pool in DCL and really no pushover teams in DCL. On the Umpiring front – I hope we will have great Umpires for the Finals who can match what we got in the Playoffs this season. At this stage of the game any Umpire being requested to Umpire a critical game should be proud of himself as only the best of the best is going to get the privilege to call the All Important Game. Abhishek from Warriors and Azeemuddin Syed from Indus did fabulous jobs as Umpires for the entire game along with Mubashir from Arsenal who served as the third Umpire. Glads are in their debt for flawless Umpiring of the highest standards. Here are the brief details:
Toss: Bridges won the toss and elected to bat
Bridges 80/9 in 25 Overs
Glads 82/2 in 19.3 Overs
MOM: Ronak U Patel and Hariharan
No Match Report as this is a Playoff Game.
Result: Glads won by 8 Wickets

The Glads-Bridges Scorecard is as posted below:

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