Sep 10, 5 years ago

Predictions Week 16 (Sept 10, 2014)

Pool Game

DCL Analysts – Predicted Winner

Rehan Kishan Mayur Vamsi Viju***
Analyst Record As of 09/10/2014 127-50 122-55 124-53 128-49 119-58
Pool A Bridges Vs GLCC* GLCC** Bridges Bridges Bridges Bridges
Pool A E11ers Vs Indus Indus E11ers** Indus Indus Indus
Pool A Greens Vs Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes
Pool A Cruisers Vs Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors
Pool A Strikers Vs FCC Strikers Strikers Strikers Strikers Strikers
Pool A Avengers Vs Knockers Knockers Knockers Knockers Knockers Knockers
Pool B ACC Vs Pokiris Pokiris Pokiris Pokiris Pokiris Pokiris
Pool B Twins Vs Blues Blues Blues Blues Blues Blues
Pool B Cougars Vs Spartans Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars
Pool B Shockers Vs Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown
Pool B Dark Horses Vs Warriors DH Warriors** Warriors** Warriors** Warriors**
Pool B Dynamites Vs Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal
* – Showcased Game Of The Week ** – Anlayst’s Upset Pick Of The Week.
*** – Defending Champion ** – Mandatory Min 1 Upset/week required

Think you can beat the Analyst, then here is your chance to compete against the analyst. Glads Co-Founder Chetan Thakkar promises anyone with real credentials who can beat the Top Rated EP Analyst of 2014, a cash award of $100. You must have picked at least 160 Games (out of a total possible 192) of the DCL Games during the Regular Season to qualify for the award. If there are multiple winners then the award will be shared. The decision of the organizers is final if there are disputes. Glads Management would like to publicly thank fellow EP Panelist and top rated Analyst Mayur for turning dreams into reality.

In the words of our beloved sponsor Chetan aka Kantilalji “Folks, Post your entries by signing in with a valid google+ / gmail ID as you can now compete with the analysts panel and also get chance to win $100 !!!. Regards, Chetan.”

Please login with a valid Google id and enter your picks here:

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  1. September 10, 2014
    Bridges, Indus, Hurricanes, Raptors, Strikers, Knockers, Pokiris, Twins**, Cougars, BT, Warriors**, Arsenal Reply
  2. September 10, 2014
    GLCC, Indus, Hurricanes, Raptors, Strikers, Knockers, Pokiris, Twins, Cougars, Brownstown, Warriors, Arsenal Reply
  3. September 10, 2014
    avenger vs knocker……………
    avenger will crush knocker Reply
    • September 13, 2014
      or get crushed Reply
  4. September 11, 2014
    Looks like rain may have a say on this Saturday games….It will be really unfortunate for Raptors if that happens. They will be the worse impacted team in that situation and may face elimination. However no disappointments for avenger fan, as they are playing on Sunday : ) Reply
    • September 11, 2014
      I agree Rehan – Rain can change the entire dynamics and can create a lot of heartaches and heartburns. It might be expedient for all teams to read the rain rules and have an understanding to settle the matter on the field rather than take the easy way out but a tie will eliminate some teams and others will see a brand new opening to jump from a tough playoff quadrant to an easy playoff quadrant!!! Reply
      • September 11, 2014
        Does dcl rule allow to change the game to sunday if both teams agrees? Reply
  5. September 11, 2014
    You're spot on Viju … There isn't much anyone could do if nature play spoil sports. I am glad BT won the last game against FHCC, otherwise we could be in hot seat as well. Reply
  6. September 11, 2014
    Rehan bhai, good solid 36 in last game , happy for you and keep it up Reply
  7. September 11, 2014
    Lot of DFL Owners are happy that Rehan Mallick and Deepak Raj are performing and clicking at the right time for playoffs. Reply
  8. September 11, 2014
    Isn’t there reserve day, if it rains before the start of game ? In my opinion, incase two teams want to move the game to Sunday (instead of Sat) and be able to manage logistics, only parties mater are captains of both sides. No one else should have any say in it… Reply
  9. September 11, 2014
    Good news,no rain after 6 am Saturday Reply
  10. September 12, 2014
    Bridges, Indus, Hurricanes, Raptors, Strikers, Knockers, Pokiris, Twins**, Spartans**, BT, Warriors**, Arsenal Reply
  11. September 12, 2014
    What happen to Phani's leg ? Is he ready for upcoming game against GLCC, what is the latest injury report please, is he ready for the weekend game as this is crucial game and few teams are dependent on outcome of this game. Reply
  12. September 13, 2014
    Pokiris and Arsenal have been given a walkover by their respective opponents Reply
  13. September 13, 2014
    Smart move, it is best to keep the team rested and not injured as they have secured place in playoffs. Teams have come so far and don't want to risk injury to team members, instead plan for their matchups. I would be surprised if Bridges is coming to match with GLCC full loaded, they should take it easy, unless by their win they get favorable matchup in playoffs:) Reply
    • September 13, 2014
      @ Viju Fan – Buddy I am scratching my head on this one. Pokiris and Arsenal did not give a walkover rather they were given a walkover. So where is the smarts in that. I am sure Bridges will also be happy if GLCC gave them a walkover else the Bridges-GLCC game is a statement game and last chance to test how good your team is. I did not worry about injuries when we played Scorchers as we needed our guys to be in form and a fifty by Maulik has done wonders to his confidence level not to mention there is one more threat that Glads opponents have to deal with. Reply
  14. September 13, 2014
    Apologies, to not read your update correctly. There are 2 sides of coin, I know you like to go for Head, I go for Tail side of it and rest as team who has come so far are sure to be capable for taking further. Maulik is guy who has become major threat in playoffs for other opponents… Reply
    • September 13, 2014
      All NPP games are washed out and teams trying to find other ground I was told so too ground in Lansing is unplayable and teams looking for alternatives ….. A GLCC draw means E11ers and Hurricanes are out Reply
  15. September 13, 2014
    So which games have started as per the schedule? Reply
  16. September 13, 2014
    GLCC 17/3 in 5 Overs Reply
  17. September 13, 2014
    GLCC need to win this one to boost their confidence / position going into playoffs… Reply
  18. September 13, 2014
    BT vs Scorchers is a draw on account of rain/ground conditions but I felt game could have been played as Indus /e11ers and DH/warriors game took place in neighboring ground Reply
  19. September 13, 2014
    GO GLCC !!! Reply
  20. September 13, 2014
    Yes, that was our intentions as well. That’s why both teams went to ITC to find dry ground but couldn’t. As Warrior/DH game was being played in 1 field and 2nd playable field was taken by Indus/E11s. Rest of fields there, ground conditions were not playable. At that time Both teams and umpires agreed to call it off and split points. Reply
  21. September 13, 2014
    Yes it is better to be safe then sorry, do not want team players to be injured due to risky / wet playing conditions especially when BT are in playoffs. Reply
  22. September 13, 2014
    Strikers 109/6, FCC 59/9 in rain shortened 18 over game.
    Parthiv 28 runs, 4 catch, 1 runout. Reply
    • September 13, 2014
      Wow !!!!! Parthiv and Strikers on fire baby …. Good FCC played the game and did not issue a walkover Reply
  23. September 13, 2014
    Who was star performer in GLCC ? Reply
  24. September 13, 2014
    Thanks vijubhai, lot of dfl owners are asking if they are behind by 1800+ points, do they still have chance ? My response is race is still on. Although today’s rain impacted teams which did not play affects players chance to catchup too. Any thoughts / inputs on this ? Reply
  25. September 14, 2014
    Heard from Bridges captain Kishan that GLCC did not want to play and wanted the 2 points to qualify.They had to play because Bridges found a new ground for them .Bridges had to travel to many grounds to try and make a game happen since they wanted to play.In addition they asked Kishan for a walkover but he said no.
    Bridges could not field a good team without Phani and so GLCC were lucky to win and qualify. Reply
    • September 14, 2014
      get your facts right insider.Talk to Bridges again but don't bs on a forum Reply
    • September 14, 2014
      GLCC played extremely well. Akash Patel batted beautifully according to the situation and Samish bowled too good. Neither phani playing or anything else could have made a differecpnce. GLCC played better cricket and they won. I don't think any of the above mentioned conversation happened. Reply
  26. September 14, 2014
    Can someone please update on Avengers Vs Knockers game ? I see that Avengers and Strikers are the teams most less talked about of and are strong contenders for DCL trophy too…. Reply
    • September 14, 2014
      Avengers 40 all out …. Knockers chased it in 18 overs so knockers get the bonus so Glads play Raptors and Arsenal plays Avengers Reply
      • September 14, 2014
        Cougars 38/2 in 11th over chasing 100 or so as Spartans scored 100 ….. Game evenly poised…. Reply
  27. September 14, 2014
    VijuBhai thanks for making the playoff picture clearer for folks like me, hopefully end of day we will have the complete picture and also Genius analyst who won the contest of "Best of the Best Minds" will be declared too….;) Reply
  28. September 14, 2014
    MDCL Night Tournament Update:
    QF: 300 pm
    Q1Killers vs Falcons@ CHP #1
    Q2NCC vs Spartans @ CHP #2
    Q3Unicorns vs FCC @ CHP #3
    Q4B'town vs Rockets @ CSC #4
    SF -5:30 pm
    Final – 8:30 pm Reply
  29. September 14, 2014
    What are the scores for all DCL and MDCL games? Reply
  30. September 15, 2014
    Who won b/w Spartans vs Cougars, any update on final scores? Reply
  31. September 15, 2014
    Viju thanks for the update. Oh boy! This brings another twist to already eventful week. I’ll correct myself, BT will end up B7 not B6, as I didn’t realize Spartans won against cougars, when we talked about this yesterday. Reply
    • September 15, 2014
      Funny, as soon as I replied Spartans to you I too realized the same. I immediately issued the new final Playoff Blueprint. Just saw your comment. There are a few teams smiling all ears about this development Reply
  32. September 15, 2014
    Has Hari won the DCL Analyst Contest after this weekend's development ? Reply
    • September 15, 2014
      I believe Hari won the overall contest. Congrats Hari!!!! Terrific accomplishment. Hari – You rock and you are hereby acknowledged as the best of the best. Do all of us a favor – Please quit this business so that others get a chance. I know I dragged you into this by challenging you – It was a blunder like my picks this year threw mud on my face but nevertheless great accomplishment – One that you can remember all your life. Congrats are due to Shan, Hamid and Majid as they may all have beaten the EP Top Rated Analyst. All the guys who picked every week – Terrific job guys. I am floored by your passion and diligence. The great participation made it more fun. The newly crowned Top Rated EP Analyst is Vamsi. Hats off Vamsi!!! So next year if we do this you will have the triple Asterix next to your name. That is sweet. Vamsi – Can you please email me your address so that I can cut out a check from our sponsor to you. I already have the money in hand so can mail it or hand it when we meet whatever works for you better. It was no easy feat predicting this year as every week was so competitive with quite a few games often decided by less than 5 runs. Chetan please clarify how you plan to distribute your award – Four way/Five way or just Hari alone or ask the guys who beat the Analysts for their opinion. Hamid has made his feelings public. Hope the others who beat the top rated EP Analyst make their feelings known. At the end it is your call …. The wording was a little vague …. lesson learned I guess …. but thanks Chetan for sponsoring this award ….. it sure made it so special and gave an incentive to people …. It is one of the best return for the buck kind of deals you could have made ….. I was following these guys so closely ….. Reply
  33. September 16, 2014
    I just got confirmation from Mayur that the following 4 DCL Analysts beat the top rated EP Analyst:
    Hariharan: 142 out of 187 correct
    Hamid: 139 out of 187 correct
    Shan: 138 out of 187 correct
    Majid: 137 out of 187 correct For the record the top rated EP Analyst Vamsi got 136 out of 187 correct. Tied games were not counted as a win or loss. Walkover games were counted as a win/loss. Two games that were mutually abandoned BT vs Shockers and Blues vs Twins were also not considered. Chetan – My suggestion is issue a check of $25 each to all 4 winners as the wording was a little vague and all 4 winners have something to cheer about for a terrific accomplishment. It was no mean feat. Hats off guys!!!! The winners take it all!!!! Reply
    • September 17, 2014
      Ended up 134 out of 187, would have to put more efforts next year for regular season. Let's see how the playoff goes..!!! Congratulations to Hari, man its extremely difficult to reach up to his level. Kudos to Hamid, Shan, Majid… Congratulations to Vamsi too. Reply
  34. September 16, 2014
    OK Buddy. I am aligning with your judgment, your judgment is my execution order:). Do not see any issue in distributing the money. Congrats to Powerful 4 – Hari, Hamid, Shan and Majid, who beat the top EP Analyst Vamsi.
    You are the Best of the DCL Minds….:) Can you please send me an email with your complete name and address the check needs to be mailed to. I will have the prize money distributed next week for sure. Reply
  35. September 16, 2014
    Thanks. Chetan…………….
    I am glad finally you made right call. It is not money all the time, it is all what we say and stick with that. I knew Vijju Bhai is the guy who consider things with all views and I was sure he will help you to pick the things which build the confidence on sponsor like you. No doubt, it was a great fun to play prediction game and DFL as well. Hats off to you, Viju, Mayur and all who were involved in this. At the end, I would request you to send my $25 check to the youngest, but, very active in DCL cricket. He works all the time behind the screen tirelessly with Glads team day or night. But, the most important thing amazed me is his dedication and passion with the game cricket even he does not play. I saw him in MDCL night tournament and it was very chilly to stay and watch the game. But, he was there both nights helping and cheering his Dad. His name is David Zachariah. Please send my check to him. David – Please accept it. This is your reward for your passion to cricket game. Reply
    • September 16, 2014
      Hamid Bhai – This was totally unexpected and unnecessary. I do appreciate the kind words more than you know it but the thought behind the action has meant more to me than anything else. It is greatly appreciated. I do agree that he takes all the firing from me and never says one word and is often unnoticed and forgotten in the din of competitive cricket. When he comes back from school I will let him read it for himself but I am sure he will feel happy at the thought behind the same. You are correct but We/I could not do DFL or half of the Glads website activities without his active involvement. Glads scorecard would be non existent and I would have abandoned DFL long ago if he was not willing to do the hard yards as data entry is tough to do week in and week out. At the end I know what I can or cannot pull off and I agree he works very hard from getting up at 5:30 AM on game day as I insist that being late for a game is unacceptable but he gets up without grumbling on his own with his own alarm. One time he overslept and I promptly left him at home and he never again missed a 5:30 AM alarm 🙂 Reply
    • September 17, 2014
      I completely agree with Hamid Bhai's comments! Please hand David my share as a small gift for his tireless contribution to this website, and cricket in general. Thanks David!!! Reply
    • September 18, 2014
      Uncle Hamid and Majid, thank you for your kind words, the thoughts and words mean more than the money ever could. Congratulations on being an absolutely great analyst and having a great dedication towards DCL. I feel guilty taking the money as it is your hard work which led you to getting the reward. I think I'll invest the money in cognizant so that hopefully the money will grow. There are no words to express how grateful and thankful that I am to both of you. Reply
      • September 18, 2014
        I am flattered by Hamid and Majid Bhai's actions. David your efforts and hard work / support behind the scenes to keep the Gladiators Contest is greatly appreciated. Reply
        • September 19, 2014
          Hari calling Jagan……… Jagan: Hello Hari..
          Hari : Hi Jagan
          Jagan: what’s up?
          Hari : I calling you because I have to make a compliant
          Jagan: Compliant?? Against who?
          Hari : Viju Zachariah
          Jagan: Against Viju!!!
          Hari : haan bhai haan…against Viju
          Jagan: Hari..I am waiting from last 10year or so for this moment..someone will complaint about Viju…so that I can remove him from DCL & also ho sake from Michigan.
          Hari : I guess you have to wait for longer for some good thing to happen….Now you have me!!
          Jagan: Can you send me a email about your compliant about him…I will take action as soon as your email reaches to my mailbox.
          Hari : first tu complaint to sun le
          Jagan: Jaldi bol…Viju gaya re tu ab….(I never seen Jagan so happy)
          Hari : Complaint yee hai ki…..Viju ne mera 75 dollar loott liya
          Jagan: What??
          Hari : Glads website mein….Winner of DCL Predictor will get 100USD bole na…abhi bolthey hai ki only 25USD milega….Viju golmal kar diya!!
          I want you to fight for my remaining 75$$
          Jagan: abey hero…mera saar gum raha hai…you are confusing me…be clear..
          Hari : arey mere Jagan baba….main problem Hamid hai re..
          Jagan: Ye Hamid kaha se aa gaya!!
          Hari : Hamid ko Chetan ka english samaj mein nahi aya aur Chetan ko Viju ka english samaj mein nahi aya
          Jagan: haan tho correct hai…Viju ka english kabhi kabhi merko bhi samaj mein nahi atha
          Hari : tu point mein aa…sun….I won DCL Prediction….I want 100$ period…can you take complaint or talk to Viju and get me my Winning money.
          Jagan: arey why you are so upset for 75$..Just leave it re…
          Hari : When Minesh can fight for 50$ last year, why not me!! I am in all for Rules and regulations. They have to keep their promise.
          Jagan: Listen Hari..I can’t do anything for this, damn again I don’t have proper complaint on Viju!! For a moment I was like Viju is gone!!
          Hari: This year Prediction was tough!! First 3 week or so I was competing with DCL Analyst. After 3 weeks DCL Prediction proved smarter than Analyst…then I was competing with Hamid, Shan, Majid, Naveen, Alishan & Sainath & co., it was super close all the way…Playing cricket in ground is easy then Prediction. 12 weeks of hardwork man!! I won’t give up!!…In this process I have to keep track of all the teams and all the players!! My brain worked round the clock.
          Jagan: Bus kar yaar…ye Prediction kuan banaya re…uski tho..
          Hari : Mayur banaya….Bahut smart hai ko…next year Committee mein lele usko!!
          Jagan: DCL mein Election hoga tho…usko bol selection mein aane ko…
          Jagan: by the way..who is the sponsor for this event.
          Hari : Chetan
          Jagan: why don’t you ask Chetan then…
          Hari: Chetan ko Hamid confuse kar diya…Chetan ko boltha hai tera English phir se paad
          Chetan reply kara whatever Vijus says I will go with it…I know Viju is not right here and Hamid has done some locha with Viju. Daal mein kuch kala hai.
          Jagan: Then you have to really complaint about Hamid
          Hari : Hamid shaanpati nikala re….
          Jagan: How?
          Hari: after all confusion oh boltha hai…mera 25$ David ko dedo
          Jagan: What? Why?
          Hari: Viju pe doubt aa raha merko….
          Jagan: Why on Viju though … Ek chance tha Viju ko pura season suspend karne ka …. Yeh chance be bekar chale gaya …
          Hari: David ka paisa Viju ka hi na…tu kab samjega ki re….Jaisa Rehan DFL mein Salman ka team dala waisa re…
          Jagan: Hari…tu kya kar…Venkat Vandala ka phone kar …He will take your complaint….. I am sure he can find a way where there is no way …. He is master of such things
          Hari: Ok chal yaar, agar koi kuch kar sakatha hai against Viju…there is only one Mr. Vandala…by the way sunn sunn..who will win GLCC vs Pokiris
          Jagan : Of course “GLCC”
          Hari : Pokiris mama…Win mama!! Pokiris Ravi Khatarnak team leke Aaa raha hai Hari calling Venkat (after 2 hrs of gap talking to Jagan) Venkat: Mr. Hariharan Dhanasekaran…..Please give $25 to David & Shut up…anymore questions??
          Hari : Nope, I will do that..Thank you!! Just trying to be funny…..
          Good luck to all the teams for Playoffs and all umpires too!! 🙂 Reply
          • September 19, 2014
            Very good one, Hari.. 🙂 And Congratulations on winning the Predictions contest.. 🙂 🙂 If it were me, I'd have given it all to you.. but, take Mr. Vadnala's advice and give the money to David and claim the crown (bragging rights) for topping this one; you can't go wrong with a deal like that.. 😉 All the best for tomorrow's match and rest of the playoffs! Reply
          • September 19, 2014
            Viju ke sath reh reh ke Hari bhi uske jaisa likhna sikh gaya…. So Long, simply bolna tha jaise Hamid aur Majid ne bola ki $25 David ko de raha hun for his hard work and dedication, itna lamba likhne ki kya jarurat thi 🙂 Reply
          • September 19, 2014
            Viju Bhai.. Ye Hari toe Ghar kaa Bhadee niklaa re. Sara pole khole diyaa aik hee message mein. Khair koi baat nahee ab world ko pataa chal hee giyaa hae toe hone doe. Jab shanpatti kiyaa toe darnaa kiyaa…..
            Kisee tarhaa Shan ko bhi pataa lete hein. Agar Shan bhi apnaa check Dave ko bhej detaa hae toe bus phir 50 – 50. Koun Dave kesaa Dave……….Ooos ko toe bus aik Chips kaa thalee pakraa denaa hae, 🙂 Very funny Hari. Believe me tere mein skill hae yaar. Mazaa Aaa giyaa re parh ke. Kiyaa conversation likhaa re. I laugh with heart after long time. Good luck to all teams for tomorrow game……… Reply
          • September 19, 2014
            Bidu, daal me kuch kaala hai, tu jo dekh saktha hai wo koi nahi dekh saktha re…mein check nahi bejnewala abhi….Kya Pita Viju aur Hamid Bhai – Hooters mein after party karke 100$ udaliya:)))) , Mein David Ko Phone lagata hu…. Reply
          • September 19, 2014
            Hilarious!!!. Reply
      • September 20, 2014
        You are very welcome David… and keep up the good work!!! Reply
  36. September 17, 2014
    David, when is the party and where 🙂 ? Reply
  37. September 17, 2014
    Which team won MDCL night tournament ?
    Semis n finalist teams? Reply
  38. September 18, 2014
    MDCL Semi-Finals: … Unicorns ( loaded with Glads players ) beat NCC ( loaded with Avengers and Knockers recruits ) in a well fought game. I think NCC scored around 57, which was chased by unicorns in about 14 overs. Rockets ( loaded with GLCC players ) had a very close game against Falcons. Chasing 61, Rockets needed 19 in 3 overs. DCL stalwart Binod bowled a gem of an over to GLCC's Ajith, giving away only 1 run. However the next over was looted for 15 runs ( courtesy of a dropped catch that landed for a six). 3 runs in the last over was too little for Binod to defend. Rockets won the game in last over. MDCL Final saw something very special which is a rarity in T-Ball games. An unknown figure named Harmit Singh hit out 5 huge consecutive sixes off Arun in 14th over of the game. This is the same fellow whose six changed the game in SF. Three of those sixes landed in adjacent fields. We saw a massacre, as Rockets scored 107 in 14 overs. Unicorns also started well as the famous duo of Maulik and Ronak U, started briskly taking the team to 33 in 3 overs. But they lost track after that and the whole team got bundled out for around 60. We saw some interesting games in round games as two of those games ended up in a tie.. Falcons/NCC and Rockets/FCC are the two games that ended up in a tie in round games. Reply
  39. September 20, 2014
    Wow Harmit Singh Reply
  40. September 20, 2014
    Glads vs Raptors updates – Glads won the toss and elected to bat. Reply
  41. September 20, 2014
    Falcons vs Cougars – Falcons won the toss and elected to bat Reply
  42. September 20, 2014
    Knockers vs Spartans – Knockers batting Reply
  43. September 20, 2014
    Please keep posted on Glads Score…. Reply
  44. September 20, 2014
    Indus 19/3 at the break against BT Reply
  45. September 20, 2014
    GLCC 103/9 Against Pokiris Reply
  46. September 20, 2014
    More frequent updates on Glads game please…. Reply
  47. September 20, 2014
    What is latest on Raptors ? Reply
  48. September 20, 2014
    Indus won against BT by 21 runs… Indus 81. BT 60 all out… Reply
  49. September 20, 2014
    Pokiris win against GLCC… Reply
  50. September 20, 2014
    Have Glads won ? Reply
  51. September 20, 2014
    Raptors need 80 to win and Cougars need 66 to win and spartans need 76 to win Reply
  52. September 21, 2014
    What really happened in warriors striker game?Is it because of one team forget about the rule at the moment or sports man spirit issue?Can someone give
    commentary of last 5 balls? Reply
    • September 21, 2014
      I was not at the game to observe the game. This will need someone at the game who was either a participant or observer to state what happened especially if you are looking for a ball by ball detail but looks like the game was a cracker and game came down to the last ball. Based on what was conveyed to me the Warrior batsman took off from the non striker end and was pretty much at mid pitch before the ball was released making the run out very easy for the bowler. Realizing many such tricky issues can come into play especially in the Playoffs the DCL Committee had re-released a number of DCL Rules clarification and updated DCL Rule Book. The one that would be appropriate in this case would be "D. Bowler attempting to run-out non-striker before delivery
      1) Can a bowler attempt to get a batsman out who tries to take undue advantage of the bowler by leaving the non-striker end early? Does the bowler have to give a warning?  We believe the bowler has every right to attempt a legitimate run-out in such a scenario. No warning needs to be given however giving a warning is appreciated. The applicable rule in these circumstances is “The bowler is permitted, before releasing the ball and provided he has not completed his usual delivery swing, to attempt to run out the non-striker. Whether the attempt is successful or not, the ball shall not count as one of the over. If the bowler fails in an attempt to run out the non-striker, the umpire shall call and signal Dead ball as soon as possible.” Reply

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