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Predictions Week14 (Aug 19, 2014)

Pool Game

DCL Analysts – Predicted Winner

Rehan Kishan Mayur Vamsi Viju***
Analyst Record As of 08/12/2014 108-45 105-48 103-50 108-45 100-53
Pool A Falcons Vs Bridges* Falcons** Bridges Falcons** Falcons** Bridges
Pool A TCA Vs Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors Raptors
Pool A Knockers Vs GLCC GLCC GLCC Knockers** Knockers** Knockers**
Pool A Miles Vs Cruisers Cruisers Cruisers Cruisers Cruisers Cruisers
Pool A Greens Vs Icons Icons Greens** Icons Greens** Icons
Pool A Indus Vs Hurricanes Indus Indus Indus Indus Indus
Pool B Gladiators Vs ACC Gladiators Gladiators Gladiators Gladiators Gladiators
Pool B Brownstown Vs Titans Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown Brownstown
Pool B Arsenal Vs Pokiris Arsenal Arsenal Pokiris** Arsenal Pokiris**
Pool B Scorchers Vs Shockers Shockers Shockers Shockers Shockers Shockers
Pool B Cougars Vs FHCC FHCC** Cougars Cougars Cougars Cougars
Pool B Blues Vs Spartans Spartans Spartans Spartans Spartans Spartans
* – Showcased Game Of The Week ** – Anlayst’s Upset Pick Of The Week.
*** – Defending Champion ** – Mandatory Min 1 Upset/week required

Think you can beat the Analyst, then here is your chance to compete against the analyst. Glads Co-Founder Chetan Thakkar promises anyone with real credentials who can beat the Top Rated EP Analyst of 2014, a cash award of $100. You must have picked at least 160 Games (out of a total possible 192) of the DCL Games during the Regular Season to qualify for the award. If there are multiple winners then the award will be shared. The decision of the organizers is final if there are disputes. Glads Management would like to publicly thank fellow EP Panelist and top rated Analyst Mayur for turning dreams into reality.

In the words of our beloved sponsor Chetan aka Kantilalji “Folks, Post your entries by signing in with a valid google+ / gmail ID as you can now compete with the analysts panel and also get chance to win $100 !!!. Regards, Chetan.”

Please login with a valid Google id and enter your picks here:

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  1. August 19, 2014
    Hamid Iqbal is a real competitor – I can't believe that Hamid Bhai picked Arsenal to beat BT last week despite Hamid himself being in the playing 11. Assumed when he picked against BT that he was not playing but when I see the scorecard, our man was an integral part of the game!!! Holy Moly!!! Reply
  2. August 19, 2014
    Falcons, Raptors, GLCC, Cruisers, Greens, Indus, Gladiators, Brownstown, Arsenal, Scorchers, Cougars, Spartans. Hamid & Hari both are real competitors for top prize and have no loyalty when it comes to contest matchups even if it is their own team:) Reply
    • August 19, 2014
      1 thing to notice here is, the garnet labs prediction does not require someone to pick 1 mandatory upset pick, while Analysts have to pick 1 upset/ week – minimum. I am not sure if Hamid and Hari both pick 1 upset but if they don't, their prediction winning must be reduced by some numbers, this is the 14th week and I am sure they would also not get every upset pick correct… considering this, Vamsi and Rehan are doing equally good..!! Reply
      • August 20, 2014
        It does enforce an upset. Try picking all higher ranked teams & see what happens Reply
      • August 20, 2014
        I agree with Mayur that the system forces you to pick at least one upset if you don’t pick an upset then your entry isn’t saved. Guys like Hari, Hamid, Shan etc etc, are genuinely outperforming the analysts. It is very obvious that no analyst is not going to catch these guys. I can honestly say that Chetan’s purse just got lighter. Guys like Hari and Hamid have not voted with their hearts but rather went with their brains, and when it made sense they even picked against their own teams, and were rewarded for it, that’s why they are at the top. So we have to admire them for that. Of course the upset is based on the previous EP ranking. These guys are all good especially the ones beating the analysts so hats off to them. But thanks for trying to make the analysts look good but it loos like we are not that good after all ….. I have conceded defeat for the Analysts 🙁 hate to admit it but reality is reality …. Reply
        • August 22, 2014
          Viju, We DCL Predictor are happy to announce that we all won one correct prediction for this week…that too SGOW game btw Falcons vs Bridges. This game is preponed to today evening (We will still have time to submit). I will WAIT for this game to end before I submit my predication of this week 🙂 🙂 🙂 Advance over Analysts….Hamid & Shan….note this point 🙂 Reply
          • August 22, 2014
            Yeah Yeah Yeah ….. keep rubbing it in …. I knew this was coming …. I was planning not to issue any updates on this game for this precise reason and was planning to request Falcons Sai and Bridges Kishan not to give any updates but realize we come from a country where booth rigging during election season is a common and well accepted feature so I am not surprised that the local DCL Predictors booth riggers will rig the upcoming vote in predictions also 🙂 They say a leopard can never lose its spot …. Akir hari thu ne apni Leopard class dikla diya …. Rehan is the only real loser as I am so far behind that I have drowned long time back. As I see it whether you drown in 6 feet of water or drown in 100 feet of water, what difference does it make … you are still dead but bechara Rehan he still had an outside shot but now he will be left outside in the cold. Bechara Rehan Na Jana kya kar dega!!! Reply
            • August 22, 2014
              Well, this is the second such situation … Remember BT/Glads game : ) I think EP Analysts are at a clear disadvantage in general, as they have to pick teams way ahead of the game day, while everyone else has the luxury to get all the inside information till the last moment, before making a prediction. Just knowing the Roster before predicting, for teams with some key players, like Falcons ( Maqsood, Binod, Srikanth ) , Glads ( Arjun, Anoop, Hari, Ronak ) , DH ( Pankaj, Arif, Raghu) , GLCC ( Ashraf, Samish, Aakash) in a particular game, makes a world of difference when predicting for these teams. But still i think EP Analysts are not done yet …. We won't give up the chase , so beware Hari and co. : )) Ideally this prediction business should go all the way till Final, just like DFL …. But its up to the management to decide … i won't complain or whine about it, but keep going after the chart toppers Reply
              • August 25, 2014
                Viju Bhai, If the DCL Analysts are Ok, can we go all the way till the Finals ?, I did not realize that this prediction business is only till the playoffs start. This will give the max. value of the $100. Also DCL Analysts might still have chance to catch up. Thanks
              • August 25, 2014
                Chetan Bhai – I don’t think it is fair to change the rules after a contest has started. I have always believed that our word should be as good as our bond and we should honor what we have stated. Changing the goal post as we reach close to the finish is not fair to Hari, Hamid, Shan and the many others. As an analyst I would love to see the finish line extended but in good conscience I cannot allow that for the reasons clearly spelled out …. Whoever wins deserved the win and it will be all fair and square as we had stated this will be for 192 games based on percentage with min 160 predictions
              • August 25, 2014
                Ok no worries, May be we can use this as input for next year. I agree lets not change the goal post or change the length of the goal this time.
              • August 25, 2014
                That is why I like Vijju Bhai. He is one of them who consider all views and stay what they say.
                Even it does not hurt and still we do not know who will beat EPL analysts, but, changing something in the middle without mutual agreement always create ??? marks. Therefore, stay away from fuss. APPLY NEXT YEAR.
          • August 25, 2014
            Hari…………Thanks for the help. Now, I see your reply, too late. EPL Analysts Kishan and Vijju basically got hurt with this rescheduling and lost one prediction to DCL predictors. Luckily, I have picked Falcons anyway. Mera Vijju Bhai already accepted his defeat to us and he is right it does not matter for him anymore.:) 🙂 Be careful with Vamsi and Rehan. I know it is still long way to go. Those two will never give up. But, man you are a real predictor, I see most of the time very close game goes in your favor. What sources you are using to have inside info before those close games:) :). I know you want to take this whole $100 bugs:)0. Reply
  3. August 19, 2014
    Falcons, Raptors, Knockers**, Cruisers, Icons, Indus, Glads, BT, Arsenal, Shockers, Cougars, Spartans Reply
  4. August 19, 2014
    Spartans are waiting for payback. Considering both teams performance it will be one sided game like analysts predicted. Reply
  5. August 19, 2014
    I think this is some fake Spartan who is trying to provoke Blues to get all power and beat Spartans. Pool B some teams are insecure of their playoffs spot so trying to humiliate Blues. Revanth and Kishore go easy on Spartans as they have high chances to make it to playoffs and don’t be party spoiler. Abhishek don’t distract from some comments here just focus and I know you guys can do it. Hidden teams please play hard on ground instead of playing here. I am big fan of Spartans team as well as Blues so hope this hidden drama will not cost you anything. Reply
    • August 21, 2014
      Thanks Dilip…you got it right as i believe that's fake spartan too. We are in very good terms with Blues and definitely never think about things like "Payback". And Seriously why people want to ignite conflicts between two chill teams ..That's so Immature. Reply
      • August 21, 2014
        I agree Aaakash with your analysis and Dilip’s analysis. I think someone wants to play spoilsport on Spartan’s chances and need Blues to come with their best unit to try and rain on Spartan’s parade – This is so reminiscent of the cheap tactics used last year before the Glads-FHCC game where external parties with vested interests try to provoke a team for some other team’s benefit. Here is my question Aakash – Did something happen last year between both teams that someone brought this up – Not sure if you guys played Blues last year Reply
        • August 21, 2014
          Vijju Bhai nothing happened last year.. may be someone is trying to provoking blues as Dilip Bhai said.. Reply
          • August 21, 2014
            I agree VKC!!! By the way I waiting for a DCL Rocking performance from you!!!! Maybe this weekend!!! Reply
        • August 21, 2014
          Viju : I was not there in the team roaster against Blues last year …but i guess nothing happened . We simply lost ….Period. Reply
          • August 21, 2014
            Man Abhishek is clueless even though I like him a lot ….. how he can he leave you off the roster …. that is a cardinal and unpardonable sin …. just kidding …. I am sure you were not available else he will play you Reply
            • August 21, 2014
              hahaha Viju thanks …Anyways good luck with you next game . Cheers Reply
            • August 21, 2014
              Haha, bhai, I think all day about Spartans & the contributors for this team. Aakash has always been a prominent player for me, no matter where am playing. Why would I leave him off the roaster :-). Too bad that he was not available for that game :-). Aakash, thuje tho dehklonga mein.. 🙂 Well about the comment, I care the least. I respect all the 31 teams here, and everything that happened in the ground is left in the ground. Besides, Blues are always good friends to me, too bad that one of the us is going to be on the losing side this weekend. :-). Good luck all. Reply
  6. August 20, 2014
    Imagine what would have happen if there is a match between FHCC VS TCA which is officiated by ICC refree Aleem Dar and Billy Bowden, one of the best in this business. I am sure even after that both teams will be complaining and saying poor decisions caused us the game:). Also enough security needs to be provided to see this Tamasha match as there is bound to be fireworks all over. Reply
  7. August 20, 2014
    Viju bhai,is it a good idea to have super sub next year?. Some teams might have a tough choice to sit the 12 th player. This 12 th player can be handy in case one person don’t show up in the last minute, also it gives additional fielder if somebody get injured. This also benefit the 12 th man who comes some times and feels bad for not playing. This way he can bat or bowl. This might not be a good idea in playoff, but is it a thought for regular season? Reply
    • August 20, 2014
      @QuestionForVijuGuru – I personally like the idea for all the reasons you mentioned. We as a team usually have 12 to 14 players available every game and as a skipper it is always a tough call. This might also increase the scores posted by most teams as teams can field their best 11 to bat and improve the quality of cricket by having the best 11 bowl/field. I just do not know if most teams will go for this option for the simple reason that some teams have a tough time finding 11 players. Those teams will be disadvantaged by such a rule change while the better organized teams will always benefit by such a rule change. We have to look at the big picture whenever we consider a change in rules. Better organized teams and their players will benefit from such a change and this can lead to increasing disparity between the have's and the have not's i.e. the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer if we evaluated this from an economic policy angle. We certainly cannot implement it this year but is a proposal that can be considered by the Captain's at the next Captain's meet before season starts next year. It is worthy of a consideration. Reply
  8. August 20, 2014
    I second the idea of super sub … MichCA have been using it for many years successfully. This year we also introduced it in MDCL and it has been a great success, for all the reasons mentioned above. It specially comes in real handy, for a last minute drop of an individual ( which i am sure most teams face at some point in the season ). Reply
    • August 20, 2014
      Rehan/Hamid – When is MDCL Tournament? This year Glads want to field a team for the tournament 🙂 Hope you have space…. Reply
      • August 20, 2014
        MDCL Night Tournament will be scheduled on the eve of Sep 13 and Sep 14 at Canton Sports Center… I will publish more details as we finalize the logistics … It would be wonderful to have Glads in the folds …. Will definitely raise the level of competition Reply
        • August 25, 2014
          Rehan – Can you please share how to register a team for MDCL /cost of it/ tournament schedule? Reply
  9. August 20, 2014
    Thanks Viju and Rehan. Also teams who can't field 11 players dont have worry about super sub also:) Reply
  10. August 20, 2014
    Viju Bhai – I like your comments. I am a big competitor. With heart and sould I wanted to beat Arsenal. But, I also knew that based upon both teams roster and performance status, it, could be a tough task. So I decided to keep things in balance and picked Arsenal. The idea was, If BT beat Arsenal (which we almost did) then I am the happiest guy and if BT lose then at least reduce prediction damages. There is no emotions involve when predicting. I learn it from Hari. For night Tournament Rehan and I are finalizing things. Grounds have been reserved, we'll start the communication soon. Couple of DCL teams have already approached me for that tournament besides your team. I am sure it will be a very competitive tournament this year. Reply
    • August 20, 2014
      Hamid Bhai – You and Shan are the only one's who can catch Hari at this point. The guys who have 108 predictions correct (including Rehan @ 108) will have to take very risky gambles and then hope that it will pay off to upset Hari at this point. I don't see that happening despite their fabulous records. Shan ideally should have been at 111 and he is at 110 due to his own blunder as he had picked Cougars to beat Glads despite David making it very clear in the EP Poll of that week that Glads had circled the Cougars game and I had asked for all hands on deck for that critical game against a tough opponent. Given that information the smart money should have been on Glads unless you played on Cougars. In the same scenario Hari did not hesitate to pick against Glads when Glads played Arsenal once he realized the Glads team announced looked very weak. I agree with you 100% when it comes to predictions, if you want to win then you have to be ruthless and be ready to pick against your own team or your favorite team if you see any sign of weakness or advantage to be gained from that pick. Shan's problem is Shan is too good at heart. Hopefully down the stretch he will turn into the ruthless Shan who tore apart Dynamites in the prediction business then we will have a great 3 way contest. I have been following this 3 way race with great interest. It is coming down to nail biting time in this very interesting race and I feel this will be the best $100 Chetan has spent in a long long time for the great satisfaction it has provided one and all – Not to forget Mayur for his ahrd work to make this a reality. You are right – emotions have to be set aside and it has to be analyzed from all angles with a logical mind. I think MDCL this year will be a blast – I hope you can figure out a way where all teams will get 15 Overs to play as the #1 criticism I hear every year is that the overs are reduced to 12 or 13 when time runs short. Impose strict timing with over penalties for late start and everyone will follow the timings and you will get a 15 Over contest else you guys do a fabulous job every year. I am looking forward to it 🙂 Reply
  11. August 21, 2014
    Pokiris will win against Arsenal for sure. We are in greatest form. Reply
    • August 21, 2014
      I am damn sure that PokiriFan is not from our team. None of our team member will comment here, unless there is a need. I follow this website regularly without missing a day. Arsenal is a team to be watched out this year and they are the pool toppers and also the only unbeaten team in DCL. I have few players from their team in my DFL roaster too. Honenstly, I want them to perform well at the same time we will give our best on the field. On the given day who ever performs will win the match. Reply
    • August 21, 2014
      @PokiriFan – I am sure you could have come up with a better ploy as this type of fake fan/player challenge has run its course and no one really believes you are a genuine Pokiris fan. I am pretty sure Pokiris need not advertise they are going to do this or that …. Some teams like Pokiris simply go out and lay the wood and the rest takes care of itself …. Hope u have a better try next time 🙁 Reply
  12. August 22, 2014
    Falcons bridges update please Reply
  13. August 22, 2014
    Falcons 91 and bridges 26/2 in 9 overs Reply
  14. August 22, 2014
    Bridges 35/2 at break Reply
  15. August 22, 2014
    Bridges 46/4 in 17 over Reply
  16. August 22, 2014
    Game going beyond 10 pm?Kamal, who are the stars today? Reply
  17. August 22, 2014
    Bridges 57/5 in 21 overs Reply
  18. August 22, 2014
    Bridge need 27 in 3 overs Reply
  19. August 22, 2014
    2 overs 19 to win Reply
  20. August 22, 2014
    8 to win in one over Reply
  21. August 22, 2014
    Falcon won by 3 runs Reply
    • August 22, 2014
      Thanks for the excellent reporting Kamal …. almost like I was there ….. I am sure it was greatly appreciated by everyone who follows closely …… most by the guys who have fantasy aspirations Reply
    • August 22, 2014
      Thank you so very much, Kamal, for bringing us the live updates; it sure did live upto the expectations of SGOTW. Reply
  22. August 22, 2014
    Who bowled the last over? Reply
  23. August 22, 2014
    Wow … what a game …. Bridges have made a strong case for the title, with such a wonderful effort in a tough chase…Someone from Bridges must have played a gem of an innings in the closing overs, to get so close against a strong Falcons attack. Reply
  24. August 23, 2014
    Glads vs ACC updates – Glads batting first Reply
  25. August 23, 2014
    What is the latest score ? Reply
  26. August 23, 2014
    Blues 45/7 19 overs Reply
  27. August 23, 2014
    Indus chasing 59 against hurricanes Reply
    • August 23, 2014
      Indus 14 for 2 in 7 Reply
  28. August 23, 2014
    Indus 20 for 3 in 9 overs Reply
  29. August 23, 2014
    Indus 30 for 4 in 12… Reply
  30. August 23, 2014
    115 is good score to defend, Jai Ho Glads!!! Reply
  31. August 23, 2014
    glcc vs knocker? Reply
  32. August 23, 2014
    BT 152/5 in 25 Reply
  33. August 23, 2014
    Shockers scored 51 or so in 14 overs to beat Scorchers Reply
  34. August 23, 2014
    Rehan, that is a huge score, who is star peformer ? All DFL owners are excited to know more details please… Reply
  35. August 23, 2014
    52 for 6 in 17. 7 to win Reply
  36. August 23, 2014
    Wc viju Reply
  37. August 23, 2014
    Knockers scored 76, GLCC chasing and 28/5 at the break. Reply
  38. August 23, 2014
    Interesting stats if anyone noticed, Raptors and Brownstown second ranked teams in each pool as of last year ranking have about 25-30 players in there rosters but only 1 PLAYER from EACH TEAM scored more than 50 runs TOTAL in 9-10 games!!!!! Reply
  39. August 23, 2014
    Taef scored around 60 Reply
  40. August 23, 2014
    How many total wickets did DCL Hall of Fame Player – Hari took , what is the final score please? Reply
  41. August 23, 2014
    I am not playing the game but i have heard Taef scored 60ish Reply
  42. August 23, 2014
    Spartans beat Blues by 5 wickets. Reply
  43. August 23, 2014
    FHCC 42/5 in 13 Overs chasing 93 against Cougars. Reply
    • August 23, 2014
      Cougars won with bonus against FHCC. Vimal took 5. Reply
  44. August 23, 2014
    How many wickets did Deepak take in Knockers game? Reply
  45. August 23, 2014
    Nice to see Pokiris beat arsenls Reply
  46. August 23, 2014
    Who was star performer for Pokiris, Shamugham, Ravi or both ? more details please… Reply
  47. August 23, 2014
    Atta Maji Satakali 🙂 – Bridges Lost to Falcons, Arsenal lost to Pokiris. Gladiators Atta Tu Sagla Geyun Tak….:) Reply
  48. August 24, 2014
    Prometheus on the way to Novi Cup semi-finals. Reply
    • August 24, 2014
      Did Prometheus strike gold again.?? Reply
      • August 24, 2014
        Prometheus failed to Medal. Satvin Warriors beat Prometheus in Semis and went on to easily win the finals. The two Semifinal games were crackers that were worth watching from the first ball to the last ball. The pendulum swung multiple times in multiple directions. But in the end the best team won the championship. Satvin lost only one game in Round Robin and that was to Prometheus, but hats off to Vadnala, Vamsi and the rest of the Satvin team, for coming through in the clutch. Pirates had an equally impressive win against pre-cup favorites Transformers, that semi final also came down to the last over. The tournament was extremely well organized and well conducted, by the DFC Committee of Kishore, Chandan, Kamal, Shareen, Arun and Novi city’s Greg Morris. The amount of effort and hard work that went in to make this event a grand success is greatly appreciated and highly commendable. Team Prometheus and I really enjoyed taking part in the tournament. Congrats to one an all. Reply
  49. August 24, 2014
    That is great news, please keep us posted…:) Reply
  50. August 24, 2014
    No, it was close finals game 🙁 Reply
  51. August 25, 2014
    Viju Bhai,
    What would you say went right for Satven and why was there no score update for Novi cup. I came for final and did not feel final was as good if Transfoermers and Promithius had reached final. Heard SF game was very good. Final after game was too many sponsors talking not much sense and could not understand what was said but begin of cup was done well I heard with Anthem singing. Compare with mDCL Reply
    • August 25, 2014
      @NCup – Don't you think you should once in a while put yourself in the other person's shoes and see the equation from the other side. Let us face the facts, there would have been no Novi Cup unless the DFC Committee had stepped up to the plate and gone the extra mile to make this event happen. It is sad that we always look at things from what is in it for me and never ask the question what can we do to make things better. We point out differences instead of celebrating our differences, we find fault instead of appreciating what we have. So let me state some facts as I see it: 1. The Novi Cup clearly identified some key projects that were worthy of support and these projects helps individuals both here and in the homeland. I see it as a Win-Win situation where those not as fortunate as us get much needed help to make the world a better place
      2. If the DFC Committee had not stepped up the Novi Cup would not have been held and that would have been a loss for cricket lovers as the one city that had showed more interest in cricket than any other would have lost their desire to promote cricket due to lack of support from the very people who should show interest
      3. I personally though that the even was very well organized and Chandan did a masterful job of managing the X's and O's while the others like Kamal, Kishore, Arun and Shareen worked tirelessly in various capacities to pull off the event. From a personal standpoint, both Glads, Bridges and Falcon's players had games on Sunday and I had made it clear to Kishore and Greg that Prometheus would have to issue a walkover for the Sunday AM game if we were not able to reschedule the DCL Games as for all 3 teams we had to take care of our DCL Game first. Kishore and Greg worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that there was no head to head collision and contacted various grounds officials and even our opponents to move the games from Sunday to Friday evening or Saturday morning. Most people are not aware of the work that went into the rescheduling but I will be honest I had very little to worry about as these guys so professionally handled everything so that all the necessary moves happened without us moving our little finger. Thanks to all those behind the scene moves, players from Glads, Bridges and Falcons took part in the tournament and the tournament had that much more star player power added to it. You think you could have done that. I spoke with Greg at the Captain's meet and saw his passion and zeal to make this event a success – Don't you think you need that kind of individual in your bandwagon as that makes things so much easier when city officials work with us all towards a common goal
      4. Think of the many sponsors who showed up. The few I talked to they were all excited to be there. I was excited to see them as well and the there was this feeling that we are glad to be part of an exciting joint venture. Why can't we celebrate that and enjoy that.
      5. Do you think you alone can pull it off. I doubt it. I know that I cannot pull it off by myself and will need a team to get something like this done. Give credit where credit is due. I do believe that the DFC Team worked very hard as did Greg and his staff and I would give all of them a solid A for effort and for going the extra mile.
      6. Don't compare Novi Cup to MDCL – There are a number of things that Novi does well and there are a number of things that MDCL does well. MDCL has a more family atmosphere to it with regulations that are not as hard and fast. Both are unique in their own way so let us celebrate both and enjoy the few months of Summer.
      7. Yes everyone loves to see a Federer-Nadal final but that rarely happens and it is not the fault of the organizers if that does not happen. Everyone hopes for it as that is very marketable and ups the ante and visibility for all but a Djokovich-Murray final can be just as good. At the end of the day, the organizers hope to see the best two teams in the finals and I do believe that happened. As you said the SF games were nail biters and both games oscillated several times in either direction but I do believe the best team won. Period. If you were there you probably saw me egging Parthiv on (all in good fun) or needling Rai or giving reminders to Vadnala when he got a beamer – remember once upon a time we were all fierce rivals, we still are on the field but off the field there is a healthy respect to what the other can do and that is good for the game and for DCL
      8. I was not there for the Anthem singing as I had to drop my son at Drake park for his FCC Youth Cup but one of my teammates did send me the anthem singing video and knowing how passionate I am about things, my hairs stood up to hear the anthem and see the flag flying. It was special for me as it probably was for others
      9. What went right for Satven – Well Vadnala did a masterful job of leading from the front. It is not a fluke that his team won it. His team took the half chances that came their way in the SF while Prometheus dropped the many that came their way – A Complete opposite of the Round Robin Game when things were reversed. As one would expect the result was also reversed. Satven was much better in the Finals and I never thought they were in trouble and in my view the had the Pirate by the neck all the way. I was disappointed to see Parthiv get out to a bad ball (sure I needled him) but he had to stay and score a few runs if needed the final to be much closer. Pradeep too got out in a similar fashion and he too could have changed the result had he stayed but to the victor goes the spoils
      10. Food was good as were the provisions of water to keep players hydrated. These guys took very good care of the players and the public. DCL can learn a few things from this as well as we sometimes get nitpicky over tiny things.
      11. I did not provide score updates as DFC website was providing live score updates. I personally did not check the live scores but I do know that at the Captains meet it was passed on that live updates were going to be provided and I believe Chandan had posted a link to the DFC website so you could have got the scores from there if you were that interested or better yet come down and watch the games live. Also with David not being at the ground, there was no way I could have done this for Novi Cup. You got it – I am not that effective if that kid is not around The answers probably were not to your liking but I just spoke my mind and stated things as I saw it. Take up the challenge and do some organizing and then you will see that it is hard work with very little appreciation and plenty of fault finding. If you did this for one year then you will never again find fault with any committee 🙂 Trust me on that one. Go easy and chill buddy. Reply
  52. August 25, 2014
    Tamara abhipraya sum che plz Reply
    • August 25, 2014
      @NCup – Sorry I do not know Gujarati. I asked Maulik for translation and he said that what was ours you lost it i.e. what is yours had now become others is the literal meaning. Well I have to disagree, Transformers were the defending champs so Cup was not really belonging to Prometheus so it was not ours to start with. It became paraya – really it was 6 balls 6 runs and Arjun was too pumped up. Instead of giving 100% he gave 500% so he bowled beamers that made what Sameer Munot bowled to Knockers in DCL Playoffs look like Child's play. Let us face it – Arjun was the only one delivering every game and we got very little in batting from anyone else and Kiran took one the best catches one can take and that sealed the game. We needed more from others and we need Arjun to give 100% with the ball instead of 500% but I though the game was fabulous and fantastic. It is not too bad that for the second year in a row the team that beat us won the Cup – It just shows that they are very good too. All you can do is put yourselves in such positions and hope that good will happen to you. I consider it fortunate to have been in that position as many will give an arm and a leg to be in that position. Reply
  53. August 25, 2014
    @NCup, The Novi Cup cricket tournament has a vision that is larger than just cricket – it is to raise funds for charitable causes. Talking about the causes and the sponsors who made it possible to support them might not have been your cup of tea but was very well received by most of those in attendance. Reply
  54. August 26, 2014
    Viju, other than from Glads, can you tell me a batsman and a bowler you can pick from another team?. Who is the fastest among these six bowlers?Amit Koul(Bridges)Deepak(Knockers),Kanwar(Bridges),Ajinkya Sathe(Strikers),Masood(Falcons),and Mansab(Greens) Reply
    • August 26, 2014
      Interesting question. As I do not like giving wiffle-waffle answers and since I got called out the last time I gave a neither here nor there answer, I consulted a number of experts on this. The reigning MVP who has played 5 of the 6 was consulted, Bridges Key Insider and Glads Insider who knows Bridges Insider inside out were also consulted in order to answer this question in all sincerity. Firstly I will state the following – Jinx is not in the same League as the others and if you are a Striker Fan then my advance apologies. Jinx is the nippiest Striker but the other 5 are in a class of their own so let us just separate the men from the boys. Between the two Bridges fire hurlers the consensus was if average speed over 5 Overs is considered then Kanwar beats Amit easy but if it is a question of delivering the fastest ball then Amit wins that contest. The type of wicket will have an effect too as Kanwar's ball skids while Amit's ball is delivered using shoulder power and generates bounce. The reigning MVP felt that Mansab can deliver the fastest ball if this was a one ball who can deliver the fastest ball contest. I don't particularly care for that answer as I don't respect the person but I too will agree that Mansab probably wins the fastest ball contest if we measured with a radar/laser gun. Irrespective of how I feel the truth is the truth so that would be my answer. Regarding batsman I would love to have on my team from another team – If it is a RHB then Ajith from GLCC will be my choice for n number of reasons and if it is a LHB then Udit from Bridges would be my choice as I really believe Udit is the best LHB hands down pants down in DCL. Reply
      • August 26, 2014
        Viju, even your replies are world class by consuliting others to give the accurate information.Your extra effort is always appreciated to dcl fans like us. Reply
      • August 26, 2014
        Which DCL team collectively has best bowling attack? Reply
        • August 26, 2014
          Arsenal and Knockers Reply
          • August 26, 2014
            I will put falcons and bridges bowling attack the best considering the experience and combination of quality bowlers combined. Reply
            • August 26, 2014
              I agree falcons too but glads are very good in batting. Cant compare their bowling with teams like falcons/knockers. They can win games with batting. Not with bowling. Reply
              • August 27, 2014
                I agree pokiris fan, glads are all about bating. If they can get knockers out under 30 like in last playoffs,it will be a bonus to their original strength. If you look falcons bowling sidarth,binod and masood are the best. Venkat,venky,beri,srikanth,raghu, and aravind give lot of bowling options. Pokiris have good bowling unit with prasanna,2*ravis,shan,and renjith.Arjun vs sidarth/binod will be the match up to watch in playoffs
        • August 26, 2014
          If Glads are fully loaded, no bowling attack can come even near to them.. Anoop, Hari, Dilip, AA, Ronnie, what else do you need? No DCL team can play 25 overs if these 5 are bowling for sure… I am not even counting rest bowlers..!!! Reply
      • August 26, 2014
        Stats for the 5 bowlers according to DCL website are as follows (in format Over-Maidens-Runs-Wickets-Economy):
        Amit: 34-5-104-10-3.06
        Deepak: 37.7 [which should actually be 38.1]-3-80-16-2.10
        Kanwar: 20-3-53-4-2.65
        Ajinkya Sathe: 29-3-76-11-2.62
        Maqsood: 15-3-51-5-3.40
        Mansab: 32-5-99-13-3.09
        Deepak is without doubt the pick of them. Reply
        • August 27, 2014
          Vimal Karuppiah 43.2-10-89-18 -2.05 Reply
          • August 27, 2014
            Pana 50-11-98-16 -1.96
            Kiran 50-6-130-20 -2.60 Reply
            • August 27, 2014
              This suggests that sometimes we have to look elsewhere too to find some hidden gems of DCL! There are many players who are silently helping their teams perform well but their names never come out due to lack of exposure. Reply
        • August 27, 2014
          Will there will be a week in DCL when all Tridevs click together – Arjun, Deepak and Dhruv from Avengers click together ? Reply
  55. August 26, 2014
    Hello Trivia Question, I have Non Trvia Question;), which team other than Glads you represent in DCL ? Reply
    • August 26, 2014
      Sorry, can not reveal my name due to lack of crickting skills Reply
  56. August 26, 2014
    Name the best fielder in dcl and a batsman most difficult to get out Reply
    • August 26, 2014
      Best Fielder is Sai from Falcons and again if Lord AA is in form (which he mostly is), it is most difficult to get him out, unless he gets run out by himself, which is like a curse to him.!!!!!!!! Reply
  57. August 26, 2014
    As Glads Fan, I can proudly say that GLADS IS ONE TEAM and THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS ON AND OFF THE FIELD, under the leadership of Viju. We play every game with pride and take every opponent seriously. We are well balanced team and that is what you need to be top world class team. Reply
  58. August 28, 2014
    If you have to pick 11 players from dcl for next one day against England.
    1)Aravind Kolanakuduru
    2)Sathish Sankara
    3)Arjun Ajbani
    4)Prabhuswamy Mahadevia
    5)Venkat Kongara
    6)Tayef ur Rehman
    7)Phani Gundamraj
    8)Parthiv Mehta
    9)Praveen Bangera
    10)Deepak Raj
    11)Kanwar Singh Reply

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